Who's in Your Little Black Book? by Maureen Locher


Maureen Locher photoHave you ever read “The Little Black Book,” a Lenten booklet based on the writings of Bishop Ken Untener? I wish I had the time to explore all facets of the Bible, but I don’t, not at this stage of my life. While it is true I call more time my own than I had when my sons were little, I cannot yet devote the chunk of time needed to dive deeply into Scripture. That’s where this wonderful little book comes into play.

As the introductory page states, the book is divided into “240 ‘six minute’ packages.” It is so very easy to read each morning. It takes longer for my laptop to turn on than it takes for me to read these short insightful passages. “The Little Black Book” begins the Sunday before Ash Wednesday and continues through Easter Sunday.

It’s one of those books I think my sons may actually take the time to read, but whether they do or not, I know I will. I really should get another copy, and I know right where I should put it for the best chance of reading: in the bathroom! Sounds a bit crude perhaps, but that’s where men do their reading much of the time. I tried this tact with another Bible-type book, and it worked. One day my 20-year-old started talking about a character in the Bible. I go with what works even though it may sound a little unconventional.

I highly recommend “The Little Black Book” for busy people who may need a little Lenten jumpstart every morning. It’s a great way to focus on the season of Lent. Happy six-minute reading!

Here’s the Web site: www.littlebooks.org.

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