Mom Sued over Facebook - Harassment or Supervision?


Have you seen this one and if so, what’s your take? I’ve never posted on my kids’ Facebook accounts, but I have logged in using their passwords and have asked them to delete an item or two. What’s the fine line between supervising your children’s online activities and harassment – and did this mom cross that line?


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  1. Like Kate said and on top of that, I provide the internet access. Just because there is a lawsuit filed does not mean there is a cause of action, let alone a likely judgement against the parent. Until the child is emancipated, the parent is responsible for protecting him and in such capacity, review of a child’s activities is fundamentally necessary. Failure to do so is neglect. And THAT is a criminal action.

  2. I don’t believe it would be considered “hacking” when he knows she has access to his password. Parents can’t win- either they’re accused of snooping or neglect. I”ll be surprised if this lawsuit is taken seriously.

  3. All this is about is the secular world removing our children from our influence, especially if you are a Christian, Catholic or anything to do with Jesus. Like heaven forbid we actually CARE about who and what our children are doing, especially on the internet. But I bet if this was a Muslim I am almost sure this story would never of made headlines.

    Sorry…. this makes me fume…… this is a perfect example of the world telling me how to raise my children, how many children we are to have, the spacing, this diminishes our responsibility, this is part of the cradle to crave society.

  4. Well, for anyone interested, this isn’t a matter of parental rights being taken away or anything new. The Facebook terms of service strictly prohibits anyone other then the account holder age 13+ from using the account. In addition, it explicitly states that parents cannot delete accounts. If she was really trying to be a diligent parent, perhaps she should have read the actual terms and conditions before allowing her child to be on facebook instead of glazing over it and clicking “I Accept”. By doing that, she accepted that she would abide by the rules set forth. She is in the wrong and she consented to their guidelines. Her mistake.

    The laws regarding this are not new, the children’s internet safetey laws have been in effect since 1998 and can be read here:

  5. The young man is out of line. He needs to take responsibility for his mistake. He did not log out of his Facebook account. There was no “hacking” involved. The mom here did not impersonate her son. Nothing she did was out of line or worthy of “harrassment” charges.

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