Priorities of Home and Heaven by Pamela Kobierecki


Kobierecki_pamelaThe other night I was working at the computer most of the night while Santina (my 6 year old) played the Wii, and Paul David (my two year old) watched Night at the Museum for the 45th time. (He calls it the Dinosaur Movie.)  Anyhow, by the time I was off the computer, it was time for baths and bed.  They were tired, so after a few short prayers, they fell asleep.  I came back to my computer and thought, “Wow, for someone who really values their family time, I’m not sure tonight counted as me being with my kids.”  We were in the same house, and I new they were safe, but as we all interacted with our own separate “screen,”  we failed to interact with each other.

I want to make sure that I make it a priority to look them in the eye every night and actually converse with them.  I’ve got to plan my evening activities so that there’s time for stories on my lap before bed.  That’s the kind of home life I always dreamed of having and no one can make it happen but me.

The “light bulb” that turned on in my head about my family, also went on in my heart about my Christianity.  How often do I send up a “hi God” type of prayer while I go about all of my activity.  I know He’s with me, but I don’t really “look Him in the eye” (so to speak) and converse about how precious He truly is. God is always there wanting to spend time with me.  The variable is my attention to Him.  The only one who can change that is me.

Just having children, or just being a child of God, shouldn’t be enough for me.  I desire my relationships on earth to thrive, so I must pour myself into them. I want my relationship with my Heavenly Father to thrive, so I must pour myself out to Him and allow Him to pour His Spirit into me.

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  1. Amen! It’s so easy to let the computer make us feel like we’re being efficient or well-informed or connected, that we easily forget to connect with those who mean so much to us–our families!

    And yes–God!

    Thank you for reminding us to get our priorities straight!
    And may God bless you!

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