Catholic Book Spotlight: Be An Amazing Catechist by Lisa Mladnich


Be an Amazing Catechist: Inspire the Faith of Children

By Lisa Mladinich


Reviewed by Christine Mooney

I confess. I do. When Be an Amazing Catechist was in the drafting stages, before it even went to publication, I knew it would be brimming with both enthusiasm and practicality.  After all, the author is a dear friend. She is a compassionate, intelligent, tell-me-what-I-can-do-to-help-you lady. Any effort that this true disciple of Jesus authors is destined to be a hit, I knew.

However, what I honestly take for granted in Mrs. Mladinich is her infectious fervor for our Lord, for the Magesterium of the Catholic Church, for spreading the Word among His beautiful children. Reading her guide to being the best catechist I can be, is a powerful reminder of her gift of catechesis and of her unabashed love for the Lord. Once I read through her informative, guide which is packed with support and honesty, I realized in black and white, just what a hit this truly is. Now, through the author’s writing prowess, detailed lesson plans and useful, hands-on tips, all who read her are blessed, as well, to know this catechist who is thrilled to inspire children, spread her faith and share successful catechetical “secrets.”

As Mrs. Mladinich states as an introduction, this book is “not the esoteric product” of a “highly trained expert” but more a “field guide” written in easily relatable vernacular. Mrs. Mladinich suggests that her readers prepare lessons and pray, trusting God to guide us in our endeavors.

With such main topics as “Sharpen Your Knowledge,” “Mine for Gold,” “Run a Tight Ship,” and “Rephrase That,” Mrs. Mladinich beautifully guides us through research and implementation of age appropriate lessons once a USCCB approved curriculum is chosen, initiating parental support and even disciplining a distraction causing child.  As a true sister-in-faith, the author sprinkles numerous, relevant scripture verses throughout the guide as inspiration and a springboard for discussion.

Online resources such as the Vatican and USCCB official web sites are featured, as well as links to a wealth of articles, publishers of Catechetical materials and general fun and educational activities for children.

This guide speaks volumes to what we, as catechists, hope and pray is a revolution in the inspiration of young people to a love of their Faith. Delving further into the Catechism of the Catholic Church and broadening knowledge of our Faith is a surefire method, for as Mrs. Mladinich states, “Teaching is a great way to learn.”   I am certain that teachers and parents will find Be an Amazing Catechist a staple of their religious education program, as it epitomizes usefulness, optimism and inspiration.

To learn more about Be an Amazing Catechist or to order this book, please visit Lisa Mladinich’s website: Additionally, you may wish to contact the publisher at or 1.800.3548.2440.

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