Ever notice how embroiled we get with our Stuff? Ever notice how, sometimes, whatever we have is just not as good as what we need to get, or do, or try? Ever notice how what we need just doesn’t seem to make ends meet the way we think we need it to?

Ever wonder just what it will take? Ever wonder how much is enough, and how much is too much, and who makes the distinction? Ever wonder what’s in God’s plan?

Ever want to tell someone they shouldn’t do something because you can see they’re chasing the Stuff and not following the Way? Ever keep quiet because, well, what do you know? Ever regret your silence AND your visit AND wonder what to do next?

Materialism is a great temptation I face so very often. I – we – have lots of Stuff. There’s no shortage of it in and around my humble home. I’m often plotting to get more of it, and it’s a wonder we have living space left. But didn’t Jesus walk around with just a knapsack? No, wait, he didn’t have anything…or did he? Whatever it was, it wasn’t much. And if I’m supposed to be like Jesus – who was a bachelor, so take into consideration all the kid stuff he would have had to have if he had been married with kids! – if I’m supposed to be like Jesus, maybe I need to reconsider some of this Stuff, and most of all, my approach to Stuff.

Then I got to thinking about the mental Stuff I carry around with me, the baggage that I really need to let go of, to be free from, to release into the big blue void.

There’s no shortage of Stuff. How can I want more? Lord, help me to seek you, and not the Stuff that pervades every corner of my life.


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  1. Sarah – this is very timely for me. After all the joyful “stuff” of Christmas, I always feel the urge to clean out my life, not just from material goods but also from the negative stuff I’ve let creep in mentally during the past months. Thanks for a wonderful reminder of what’s truly important!

  2. Yes! I fight the temptation of stuff constantly with my kids, my husband and myself. I have been feeling inspired lately to clear out some of it so we can focus more on the truly important things. Thank you for the reminder, push and prayer to not just clear out what’s in my house, but also what’s on my mind.

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