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Lady Gaga is known for her penchant for appearing bizarre both in costume and in music video’s.  This past week Lady Gaga showed up at the Grammy’s in an egg.  Yup, an egg.  When her publicist was interviewed on the red carpet about what statement Lady Gaga was making by arriving in an egg, her publicist shared that Lady Gaga was “birthing a new race”.  Her inspiration for this came from her song “Born this way”.  The “vessel” as referred to by the publicist, is so that Lady Gaga can incubate for a certain point of time because “we” are birthing a new race tonight.

She went on to describe this new race as having no ability to hate or judge within their DNA and that Lady Gaga herself was undergoing a change to her DNA by staying in this vessel for 72 hours so that her DNA could undergo this transformation.

The person’s carrying in the womb like vessel or egg, were said to be in a “transitional stage” because their DNA needed to be desaturated and filled and would themselves be incubated back stage before the performance. It is interesting to note that they had what appeared to be bones protruding from their foreheads.  What we would call horns.  Yes, you heard me right, horns.  You can not make this stuff up.  Lady Gaga actually kept her own horns on for the entire night.  Does anyone but me see that horns on your head are what the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live would say “Oh, I don’t know, could it be….Satan?!”

Now I am not saying that Lady Gaga is Satan, but even her publicist denounced this as a mere “publicity stunt” and said in fact that “This is about our design and our destiny, this message is bigger than the both of us.”  So what is Lady Gaga’s message?

I have found that in reading and studying the Theology of The Body that I have a new lens from which to view the world through.  When I view Lady Gaga through this lens then I must ask myself, if the body speaks a language and the body reveals or makes visible the invisible (thus revealing the “person” to us) then what does Lady Gaga’s body language tell us?  What do her words tell us?

I would say that her body language to us is that she rejects God, she rejects what it means to be woman and in fact does not embrace her gift of femininity and call to motherhood but desecrates it.  Even the world around her makes visible the invisible.  We see the occult in her videos but even more readily it can be seen right in the 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper.  The back drop for Gaga’s interview was a black room in which an alter was set behind her with candles and a skull upon it much like the one we saw at the home of Jared Loughner, the young man that attempted to kill the Gifford woman and succeeding in killing many bystanders.  Why is there a skull on the altar behind her?

When the crew showed us the area in which her sound board for cutting the master track for her new record with the song “Born this Way” was cut, a large picture of the fallen angel on the Led Zeplin album was hanging above it.  They symbols on the poster written in the cipher’s created by Aleister Crowley revealing the number of the beast.

In fact, Lady Gaga typifies the culture in which we live today in regard to belief systems.  Just as there have been pagan god in our past, she too seems to manifest many of the inherent traits of pagan gods and their rituals.  One such example is the Aztec godess Tlazolteotl.  This Aztec goddess of sex and of witches and witchcraft had power over all forms of unclean behavior, usually sexual.  She was a devourer of filth and required the sacrifice of children.  Now we see our own children being led to this modern day false goddess that uses her own body as an altar on which to offer sacrifices to whom and to what? If in fact she is some how invoking the demonic entity of “lam” or “lamia” then we would not be surprised at all since this specific demon is based on Ancient Greek mythology containing several precursors to modern vampires.  In her video’s we see that she even uses technology to morph or change her appearance to that resembling a bat or bird of some kind.

The myth of Lamia is that this demon feasts on the young, sucking their blood but also preying on young men.

To break this down I will give you the raw data and some pictorial examples:


In regard to her lyrics, they are but chants and language with hidden and infused occultic meaning.  From her “Rah…Rah” chant of the Egyptian god to the lyrics in “Alejandro” being an actual renunciation of her baptismal vows when she rejects the Holy Trinity.  I would not allow my kids to listen to this music.  The fact that this woman announces that with this new song, in fact that very night that she comes out of her “egg” she is going to “birth” a new race, tells me a couple of things that we as Christians should take very seriously.  If Aleister Crowley was a known Satanist and developed occult practices to “open portals to our world from which the demonic to enter” and if some of those practices actually include the invoking of the demon “lam” which uses an egg to purposefully conjure demons then it seems to me this publicity stunt is not a stunt but rather an invoking of something demonic into her music.  She admitted in her 60 Minutes Interview to smoking pot on a regular basis and always when she is writing her music. I have heard many good exorcist priests say that smoking pot is an opening of the soul to the demonic.


While many of her video has images of famous Masons, images and ciphors used by Masons and other occultic images throughout her video’s I find it especially disturbing how she uses her video’s to desecrate that which is historically deemed Holy.  For Catholics, the Rosary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Religious Sisters and even the Nuptial Union, are deemed sacred.  This woman goes out of her way to scandalize it all.

In this above image is the Sacred Heart of Jesus stabbed with hypodermic needles.  Gaga carries this heart on a pillow as she leads a coffin into a church. The entire song Alejandro, Fernando, Roberto, the trinity of names is actually a video of her rejection of her Catholic faith in the trinitarian God, even her fingers showing the sign Jesus makes for having 2 natures, divine and human is made in this video in case you missed the point of the lyrics or images of her swallowing a rosary and wearing a satanic priest outfit.  She herself, becomes the ritualistic sacrifice, the woman altar that most satanic rituals want to desecrate because Mary, “the woman” is what the enemy desires to desecrate.  So this woman, Gaga becomes the means by which to accomplish this unholy desecration.


Most of her clothing seems to have the reoccurring theme of desecration and sacrilegious.  She likes to dress like a pornographic nun, a satanic priestess wearing a robe with an inverted cross on her crotch or her clothes reveal the desecration of innocence or she wears Hello Kitty, as a display of child like innocence confused by the fact that she is in a sexually explicit outfit.  Why would one want to blur the lines between a little girl’s fashion including Hello Kitty and a pornographic, sexually explicit image of this woman?


By her own admission she says she is a martyr and has acted out her own bloody death on stage and in video’s. She has shown herself being burned, raped, stabbed and hanged in her video’s and more.  She stated emphatically in her 60 minutes interview she would die on stage for her fans.  She would not deny them anything.  In returns her fans seem to have elevated her to the status of martyr.  They have put images of her depicted as one would see a Catholic Saint such as having her image put on candles as if they were holy and on t-shirts offering others to reject God as she has with her face within a sacred heart and the words “Don’t Call My Name” written on it.  Other fans have painted her image as being crowned with thorns.  .

Perhaps the most disturbing event to date is that it seems no one is noticing that their children are being exposed to the messages in this woman’s music and most probably the demonic entities she seems to have deliberately and purposefully invoked upon her music.   In the 60 Minutes interview we see her screaming her indoctrination of values or lack thereof to the multitudes and masses of youth who come to consume her and be consumed by her.  Make no mistake about it, this woman has been screaming her message to us through her images and her music. She is revealing to us that this new race she is desiring to “birth” into the world will be of DNA that is foreign to our own. Those are her words, not mine.   If the horns she sported at the Grammy’s are any indication of what kind of race that is going to be, then I would suggest she change “birth” to “conjure” because only a mother can birth something and because this woman has rejected what it means to be a mother and instead has turned her self into a “fame monster” it would seem that she is about conjuring up little monsters or demons for the enemy.  These little monsters as she affectionately calls them are our children, or perhaps ourselves for many listen only because they “like the beat”.

I hope and pray that if you are reading this, that you ask the Holy Spirit to give you the fruit of Wisdom and Knowledge to see that this is not an innocent venture but is a tactical strategy and music is means to our youth.

I pray that Our Lady of Guadalupe envelope Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ( Lady Gaga’s birth name}, in her mantle, that Mary the Blessed Mother hold her in her arms and that the precious blood of Jesus washes over her wounds so that she can be healed of what afflicts her and open her to her true calling which is to know, love and serve God with her gifts so that she can set the world on fire with Christ’s love through her own yes. Amen.

Copyright 2011 Christina King


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  1. Miranda Baumguardner on

    Wow. My husband has told me the implications implied in her music and how it really is satanic-like. I do not listen to her and do not know any of her songs, but based on this article I cannot believe the downright evil contained in her music. This truly saddens me that any person can so readily embrace Satan and so strongly influence today’s young people.