We Move


The soup was splashing just over the edge of the Panera green bowl, his plate was wobbling and his aged hands were trembling as he steadied himself to walk through the lunch crowd. His brow was furrowed and he was concentrating on holding that green plate as steady as possible. He weaved through the crowd and settled himself at his seat, finally he could relax.

I carried my food quickly and cautiously through the same lunch crowd. I walk with a pace that leaves my 12 year old breathless. I bob and weave through crowds and steadily maneuver passed obstacles constantly. I move so quickly sometimes I wonder where I was last.

We all need life giving food. We all need to carry it until we can take it in. Some of us tremble and quiver, others of us smoothly maneuver but we all need it. We all sit, stand, eat, listen, talk, love, live and exist.

We are just alike he and I. We are light years away from each other in any bystander’s eyes. But we are truly the same person trying to make it through the crowd with the sustenance we need to sustain our lives, to find that table with relief and to feed our souls and keep on keeping on.

When God sees us he sees no difference. God doesn’t see the age, the failing body or nerves; he doesn’t see the speed, agility and youth. God sees our souls, our needs, our wants, and our love.

Thank God that He loves us just the way we are and continues to help us to that table.

Copyright 2011 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp



About Author

Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp is a mother of four children and is married to the love of her life, Aaron. Lori has been writing at her own website Faith Filled Mom. She writes about the journey of faith we live daily and how we can recognize God in this world. She teaches theology at a high school level and is also a current student of Loyola University Extension Program of Ministry earning a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. Her life is busy, exciting, overwhelming at times but always bursting with her faith in God. Lori hopes that you will find something that might touch your heart in her writing so that she can continue to pursue her purpose in life; to bring people closer to God one word, one moment at a time.

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