Coffee without Plastic Toxins


We all know that keeping heat away from plastic is the biggest way to avoid plastic toxins in your life. But if you’re a little slow like me, maybe it took you a while to make the hot coffee and plastics connection… (I’ll also share my thoughts on whether or not we should drink coffee at all.)

A Cup of Coffee without the Plastic Toxins Please!


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  1. Thank you for this info. I may just have to purchase that one cup of coffee thing! My parents are daily coffee drinkers. They boil the water in a regular tea kettle (stainless steel?). Then they have another pot, nothing fancy that has three pieces: the main bottom, a metal filter (and a paper filter goes in it, like normal), and then a lid. They poor the tea kettle water into it and it’s done. They don’t really use their instant one; it collects dust. I think it’s more fun for them, but it’s good to know it is healthier, too!

    Do you have a post on what exactly green tea does? I like it, but I don’t understand why it’s a good alternative to coffee.

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