God Brings Joy and Peace with His Light


The other day on my way to a 6:30 a.m. communion service, the moon was big and luminous, hanging off in the distance.  It reminded me of the time I was in Colombia, South America several years ago, after my husband and two of our children returned home.

I remember sitting on the well-worn blue leather couch in the hotel, looking out at this huge, bright moon. I was in a reflective mood and was comforted, imagining that my family back home was staring at the very same moon, so many, many miles away.  It connected us, filling my heart with a peacefulness that brought a closeness to our separation.  That one, beautiful object in my vision, gave me a central focus.

The image of the moon on that early Friday morning on the way to Church reminded me that God is like that in our lives today.  He is the center that brings us all together.  He lights our path and draws us into Himself; his beauty and his presence inspiring awe.  It doesn’t matter where you are standing, he creates a connectedness.

For those who are feeling lonely or sad, separated from others, do not despair, for while at times God may feel as far away as the moon in the sky, in reality, He is much closer than you think.

Make God the center of your focus today, and discover the joy and peace that comes with his light.

Copyright 2011 Janet Cassidy


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