Tech Talk Tuesdays: Rosary Coolness (no apps needed!)


Last week, when I highlighted three of my favorite apps for my iPad, I had a number of people respond who either had Android devices or no devices.

So this week, let’s talk rosary coolness that doesn’t require a device, aside from your computer.

Come, Pray the Rosary

A commenter last week mentioned it, it’s a lovely website and, even better, it’s a complete prayer experience. (Be warned, opening the link starts some music playing in the background. It’s nice music, but just thought it would be good to warn you.) You enter the site, and after selecting a few preferences (language, bandwidth, and visuals among them), you’re off and running with a rosary. You’ll be praying with others—it’s up to you whether you select to pray a “worldwide rosary” with others in real time or an “individual rosary” on your own. There’s video and audio, too, and a place where you can share your intentions.

Scriptural Rosary

I’ve been a fan of the scriptural rosary for many years, and I just love this site for how it’s put together. If you’ve never prayed a rosary, you can learn how, or you can jump straight to the beginning prayers. It’s sometimes a bit sticky to navigate if you have a specific mystery in mind, but I forgive it that. There’s artwork associated with each mystery, in addition to the listing of scripture verses for each Hail Mary.

Rosary Army

No list of awesome rosary websites is complete (even if it only has three sites listed) without Rosary Army. Founded as an apostolate by Greg and Jennifer Willits, who host The Catholics Next Door on Sirius/XM Radio, it’s a great place to learn how to make rosaries and to download great materials to support your praying the rosary. I regularly pray the audio scriptural rosary that I downloaded nearly four years ago from Rosary Army.

What are YOUR favorite rosary websites and resources online? I’d love to hear about them!


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  1. I love Come, Pray the Rosary! I found it about a year ago while doing a search for rosary apps online. It is beautiful! I especially love to see the sites of the Holy Lands where these mysteries occurred. It makes it all that much more real!

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