Tech Talk Tuesdays: The Rosary on Your Droid


A few weeks ago, in my very first of these Tech Talk Tuesday columns, I mentioned my favorite rosary apps. A couple of commenters graciously asked me to consider that some people use “that other system,” the one that’s not manufactured by Apple.

All kidding aside, I’m not opposed to Droids, really. My husband and closest friend both have phones that are Droids and they not only make do, they seem to like them. I know many of you like them, too.

Since my husband’s phone is, well, not my phone, I called up my friend and asked her to check out some rosary apps for me. Originally, she only had one, but then I asked her about a few that looked cool to me when I was on the Android Marketplace. Since they were free, she downloaded them and what follows is my summary after talking with her.

Catholic One
By Ackya Soft

Said my friend, “It’s my one stop.” And she talked to another friend from church and asked her for a rosary recommendation, and it turns out that they both love this app.

The rosary part of it is customizable and you can choose how you pray it, whether by going bead-by-bead or meditating on a reflection at the beginning of the mystery.

You get the whole Bible, a bunch of Church documents, all the prayers you could want, the Missal, reflections on everything, podcast links, and tons more. While you don’t get the actual text of things that are under copyright, they have links built in so you’re taken there.

Down side: it’s huge and takes up a lot of room. Not so surprising, given what you get. And for free!

Interactive Rosary
By Imno

In this app, you get audio along with a picture of a rosary. You can move from bead to bead with the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of the screen. There’s artwork of Mary in the background, behind the rosary.

Mobile Rosary
By Artur Polit

This is incredibly simple and straightforward. You swipe across the screen and get the next prayer. There are no beads or artwork. It’s as basic as basic can get. If you’re looking for something simple, this is the app to try.


I highlighted the Rosary Miracle Prayer in my original post, and it’s also available for Androids! So there you go! It’s 99 cents and well worth every penny.

When I spent some time playing with both my friend’s and my husband’s phones, I was struck by how “non-pretty” the apps were. It’s not that I need the pretty frills, mind you, but I am pretty used to the visuals that I get through my Apple devices. If you try out the Rosary Miracle Prayer, you’ll see this, because, as far as I know, it’s the same thing that I’ve been using on my devices.

YOUR TURN: Send me your recommendations and apps, oh ye Droid users, and I’ll include them in upcoming columns.


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