It All Comes Down to This


How do we answer someone who asks,”Why does God let these terrible things happen?” or “why hasn’t God healed this cancer?” or “Why hasn’t He granted a miracle?”

How do we explain the tragic circumstances of tsunamis and earthquakes and hurricanes and war?

Why are children allowed to suffer?

Why do mothers lose baby after baby in miscarriage?

My friend is battling cancer.
She has a beloved, adoring husband and five precious children.
When this article goes to print, I will be sitting by her side as the oncologists deliver the results of her final CAT scan; telling her that either she is eligible for surgery; or, that there is nothing more they can do and she is to go home with no need of returning.

We, her friends, have been confused. We have cried. We have prayed.

Some ask, “Why, oh why is God allowing this?”

“It all comes down to this”, I answer:

We either have a “good” God or a “bad, cruel” One.
We either believe that He is there and He is what we say He is…or, we don’t.

And if He is true, and if He is “good”, and if He is what we say He is…

then we must trust and believe that He would never allow a single thing to happen to us that is not for our own good and His glory.

When the apparent results in our lives are anything but what we think they should be; and moreover, when they seem to be so unfair, unfounded, unnecessary and/or even “tragic”, we must have hope and trust and believe that

He is a “good” God.

He is a God of love…a God of healing…a God of mercy…and a God of justice.

If we ask for a miracle and it is not granted it is not because He did not hear our prayer or is a “bad, uncaring” God…it is because for some reason which remains incomprehensible to us…it is for our own good and the good of our families and the good of our souls.

It doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t look good. And no matter how much we twist and turn it around in our minds, it doesn’t seem that it’s possible to become good…
But, God is “good”…and therefore, He is only capable of doing “good”.

As many of us gather to give thanks tomorrow, let us give thanks in all things; as Scripture advises.

Amidst our suffering, our trials, our sorrows, and our questions…let us give thanks to the God that we know is “good”.

May His will and His Divine Plan for each and all of us be done and may He grant us the grace to accept and embrace that…whatever it is.

Copyright 2011 Judy Dudich


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