The Gift of Sight


In the Gospel reading from Luke 18: 35-46 the blind man at Jericho refused to be silenced. He shouted for Our Lord’s attention, much in the same way I am afraid I do when I pray for help and guidance.

If I were to face Jesus right now, this instant, and He asked me “What would you have me do for you?” I fear I would begin my answer with “well, now that you asked”, and then start iterating my bullet list:

  • Give me patience with people I disagree with and are always asking me for help.
  • Give me the courage to start that new project I’ve been putting off for a year already
  • Give my family blessings so they can be comfortable in today’s world.
  • Give me the power to help my family conquer their demons
  • Give me the tools to speak my mind and not be intimidated by those richer, smarter, prettier, or who seem more “with it”.
  • Give me the means to greater financial security.

Gimme, gimme, gimme….I want I want I want….I used to tell my children how tiring it was to hear this from them all the time.  I cannot begin to imagine how I must sound sometimes when I pray.

And then I heard the answer the blind man from Jericho replied to Our Lord’s query: “Lord that I may see”.

How utterly simplistic, and yet truly empowering!

  • Lord, that I may see where other people are coming from.
  • Lord, that I may see how my new project will benefit others.
  • Lord, that I may see the many blessings you have already bestowed on my family
  • Lord, that I may see the true me, the me you have imprinted on the palm of Your Hand
  • Lord, that I may see You working through the trials of my family members.
  • Lord that I may see how rich my family already is, because we trust in You and believe in You.

Thank you St. Luke once again for your guidance on how best to live a life that is Christ-centered and not  “me-centered”.   We are never too old to learn something new from the very same stories we have heard over and over again since we were young because our faith is alive!   No matter what stage in life we are at, there is always something new to be learned if we take time to listen to God’s Word.

If we make the commitment to truly “see” what God has given to us, and what He has in store for us.  Lord, let me see.

Copyright 2011 Carol S. Bannon


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Carol Sbordon Bannon is a full-time writer with a degree in elementary education from Worcester State University. She is a substitute teacher and has been a catechist for over thirty years. In addition to A Handshake From Heaven, she is also the coauthor of Our Family's Christmas Elf. She is happily married and currently resides in Concord Township, Ohio. Visit Carol at

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