Catholic Book Spotlight -- The Infertility Companion for Catholics by Angelique Ruhi-López and Carmen Santamaría


Perhaps you think it’s ironic that a website called would be featuring — and in fact encouraging you to strongly support — a book called The Infertility Companion for Catholics: Spiritual and Practical Support for Couples. Truthfully, I can’t express strongly enough how incredibly pleased I am to be sharing with you this terrific new book from Ave Maria Press.

I had the blessing of watching this book be developed over the past several months and have shared several email conversations with authors Angelique Ruhi-López and Carmen Santamaría. In my endorsement for The Infertility Companion for Catholics, I said the following:

“Sharing the latest in advanced diagnostic treatment options that fall within the teachings of the Magisterium and providing faith-filled tools for both partners, the authors have created the perfect primer for married couples facing the stress, heartbreak, and uncertainty of infertility. Also a fantastic resource for family members, friends, and pastoral staff who share this difficult path with infertile couples. Let this book help strengthen your marriage and your spiritual life.”

The truth is that most of us have been touched by infertility in some point in our lives. For many of us, the hurt is personal. We have struggled to conceive or experienced the loss of a child. For the vast majority of us, even if we haven’t personally experienced the cross of infertility, we have a loved one who knows this struggle. The good news is that The Infertility Companion for Catholics is here to help with both scenarios. Here’s a brief overview of the book:

One in every six United States couples experiences infertility but Catholic couples face additional confusion, worry, and frustration as they explore the medical options available to them. Filling a major void in Catholic resources, The Infertility Companion for Catholics is the first book to address not only the medical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of infertility, but also the particular needs of Catholic couples who desire to understand and follow Church teaching on the use of assisted reproductive technology. Authors Angelique Ruhi-López and Carmen Santamaría offer the support and wisdom gained in their own struggles with infertility. They describe the options that Catholic couples can pursue in seeking to conceive, many of which are not ordinarily presented by the medical community. In an encouraging and non-judgmental tone, they address both husbands and wives and help them recognize the emotional impact of infertility on their relationship. The Infertility Companion for Catholics presents a variety of spiritual resources including prayers, devotions, and the wisdom of the saints and provides suggestions for further reading of reference materials, Catholic documents, and Catholic blogs about infertility.

I’m also very happy to be able to share with you two brief excerpts from The Infertility Companion for Catholics which give an idea of the richness of this resource:

“For me, the feeling of dashed hopes is one of the hardest parts of the process. No matter how many times I tell myself to not grow anxious, as those days when I am supposed to get my period approach, it happens each and every month without fail. There can even be times when I may feel like the journey will never end. I know it is in God’s power each and every month, but I struggle with his answer. I try to be hopeful in my waiting, though many times the best I can muster is cautious optimism. It’s been hard to undergo this for years, to be told that a certain treatment will solve the problem and get our hopes up only to find the result is the same.”


“I was reading a devotional recently that talked about suffering. It discussed the temptation we fall into of asking “why me?” and the devotional invited us to ask ourselves “why not me?” The question struck me because I had never thought of it that way. Why not me? Why can’t I carry the cross of infertility? Why can’t I be the one who is an example to others? The question haunted me for quite some time, and I thought of it often in prayer. What good reason did I have for not walking the road of infertility? I know that through difficulty comes growth, but it’s so comfortable not to experience difficulties and not to learn to trust completely. When we feel betrayed by God we should pray to change our cry from “why me” to “why not me.” Our suffering makes us more human, better able to relate and minister to others. There is a level of compassion that can only be achieved when the suffering is shared.”

The Infertility Companion for Catholics: Spiritual and Practical Support for Couples is the book I wish I had enjoyed access to when facing my own struggles with secondary infertility. It is the resource I would have loved to have shared with family members and friends who faced their own trials conceiving. The good news is that our wait is now over and we have a trusted resource that we can now consult and offer to our loved ones. I strongly recommend The Infertility Companion for Catholics: Spiritual and Practical Support for Couples and hope you will help me in sharing the good news about Angelique Ruhi-López and Carmen Santamaría and their work. Please also take some time today to visit the companion website for the book at

Finally, I’m thrilled to be able to offer our readers the chance to win one copy of The Infertility Companion for Catholics. To enter to win this book, please leave a comment below by Monday, April 30, 2012 at midnight Pacific Time. One winner will be randomly drawn and notified by email.

Update: Congratulations to our winner, number 11 Amy. You will be contacted shortly to receive your prize. Thank you to all who entered this contest.

Order The Infertility Companion for Catholics: Spiritual and Practical Support for Couples and support with your purchase


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  1. Sharon Weil on

    I’m not sure what you meant for us to do to enter the book giveaway – if it is something other than commenting on this post, I hope you will clarify. The book looks amazing and is SO needed.

  2. Karen Hanrahan on

    I wish this book had been available when my sister had 3 miscarriages in a row before having her twins…..the heartache was incredibly difficult! Now as my daughter is dealing with the miscarriage of her first child, I will give this book to her as a sign of hope!

  3. was recently diagnosed with PCOS and would love to have a resource that is Catholic! I hope I win!

  4. Joslyn Unger on

    What a great book! This book will come to couples that are really yearning for this information. And to read about others feeling the same thing. A friend who recently had a miscarriage said that it’s a strange place to be where people rarely talk about miscarriages and most people have no idea how many of their friends have had one. We pray for those couples and hope they find others to talk with and comfort them.

  5. Thank you for this great opportunity to read this’s a daily prayer of mine for my future fertility, as well as the fertility of all my brothers and sisters in Christ!

  6. I’m glad that this topic is being discussed more within the Catholic faith and Church. And yes, enter me in the giveaway too.

  7. This book looks fantastic! I know many couples who have struggled with infertility personally, and have taught some NFP clients who have struggled with it also. This would be a great addition to my “NFP/Breastfeeding/Fertility” library!

  8. Thanks for hosting us on the blog tour, Lisa. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support with this book. Thanks to all those who commented, also. Best of luck with the giveaway!

  9. Looks like an interesting book. Please enter me. We had some trouble with infertility, but are now expecting.

  10. This book looks great! With infertility and 3 miscarriages, I would love a copy. Thanks for having a giveaway! : )

  11. God always reaches out in your darkest moments. Could really use this read, may look for it in Kindle edition or even (*gasp*) at my local bookstore if I don’t receive the blessing of this giveaway copy.

  12. 2 of my sisters-in-law have been struggling with infertility, this would be a great resource for my brothers and them. Thanks for introducing us to it.

  13. PatriciaTaylor on

    We are currently struggling to get pregnant. I have two little boys and we really want more children. We have been trying for over a year now and no luck.

  14. Leticia Newman on

    Would love to read this. My husband and I are trying and have had no luck. We have one son would really love to have more. I hope GOD can bless us all with having children.

  15. At last! A book that addresses the needs of Catholic couples experiencing infertility. My husband and I have struggled with infertility for years and have read many books, none of which have addressed our need to be faithful Catholics. Thank you for sharing the information about this book on your website!

    • Hi TJ, the eBook version of THE INFERTILITY COMPANION FOR CATHOLICS should be available on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo by mid-May 2012 at the latest. Sorry for the delay!

  16. This sounds like a great resource…there aren’t many books dealing with the topic that cover the spiritual aspects.

  17. Entering for my sister/husband who have struggled with infertility/miscarriage/stillbirth — and for our family who prays for them. Thanks for all the hard work you do in the vineyard!

  18. Edith Afugbuom on

    The book sounds interesting. Include my name please. I have friends and relatives who are yet to concieve

  19. Marilou Purpura on

    I COULD have wrote this book. Our children Annmarie 26,Ashley Mary 22, Joseph 13,and Maria 11 were all prayed for/ and waited for…..we were married 4 years before we had Ann we did not even discuss a possibility of not having 5-6 kids….we always dreamed of a big family…but so many times we began to think we may never be parents. Then when we had problems conceiving Ashley we got so many comments about how we were not good Catholics because we had one child. The pain of two kids…we got so many comments from both sides…I always got the “talk”….about being open to life..(we were and excuse me but I don’t think we should discuss my infertility with you) OR we would have to defend our friends who all had large families and because we only had 1 or 2 kids…
    They felt comfortable to tell us how nuts our friends are……I was so in the middle I would Host two parties cuz I didn’t want to hear it….only my husband and my confessors knew of my struggles this is about the time our parish school became divided those with big families and those that believed in birth control …we ended up leaving..I could not pretend that it was OK….it was hard people felt open telling us yea hubby is going to get fixed…..oh is he broken? Or if some one would work in conversation …the how we should be open to life speech …I would be like good job….We are open to life….it’s hard to say that….and not be rude….but it hurts and its private in fact and every month I would say please lord help us…I named my girls after the blessed mother…to honor her because she was at my side….Joseph and Maria arealso named after blessed Jose Maria …because of the thousands of prayer cards we said. When Maria came early….we went with her name instead of Abigail Maria because we were so greatful that we did not lose her…when I am meeting our lord I will crawl to his feet because I have been so truly blessed to be on this journey with my best friend …he understands and we have been blessed with our family …no one will get your story unless you tell it or they lived it. THANKS FOR TELLING US YOUR STORIES.

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