Catholic Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Catholic Philosopher Chick


When I heard about Regina Doman’s new novel, written with Rebecca Bratten Weiss, Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her Debut, I was ALL ABOUT reading it.

Here’s the gist of my review: I LOVED IT. (Yes, in all caps. No apologies.)

Here’s why:

1. It’s clever without being over-the-top. This book combines good writing with

2. Romance and brains and shoes, oh my! I don’t like confessing that I’m a sucker for chick lit, because I’m usually NOT. Chick lit in secular circles includes things I don’t really want to read. Chick lit in Christian circles usually involves a sermon. But this? It’s romance and shoes and, well, a plot that I enjoyed thoroughly.

3. I can share it with my nieces with no embarrassment. It’s not so goody-goody that they will stop believing me when I say it’s GOOD, but it’s not raunchy in a way that will make their mothers pelt me with blunt objects.

4. The characters are people I want to meet. In fact, I suspect I’ve met them in some form or another already. Cate is a recent convert who drops everything to go back to grad school. Her journey is one that, well, I relate with, though I’m much older than she is and though I have no clue about fashion (despite loving shoes).

5. It’s entertaining. Plain and simple. There is no preaching, though there is plenty of catechesis (I have to give the authors credit for making it relevant to the setting and characters). I found myself laughing out loud more than once and hurrying to write my review so I could share it with other women.

Are you interested in winning a copy?

Thanks to the generosity of Chesterton Press, we have one hard copy and one Kindle copy to give away!

Enter your name in the comments by Friday, May 11 at Midnight PST and we’ll randomly draw winners. One entry per person, please.

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  1. Laura B Nelson on

    I love the concept of Catholic chick lit! I like a good “girl book” every once and a while but I get tired of characters that emotional messes. Can’t wait to dig in to this one!

  2. Ashley Kleiner on

    Enter me please! This looks so great. I’m currently looking for good modern Catholic books to read. Thanks!

  3. Magdalena on

    It would be lovely to win a copy; thank you for having this drawing! I read the first part, and now I want to finish it. ^_^

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