Daily Scriptures Reflection for 8/3/12


Daily Scriptures Reflection for Friday

Scripture: Lectionary 405, Aug.3: Jeremiah 26:1-9. Psalm 69:5.8-10.14. Matthew 13:54-58.

Friday’s Readings

Jeremiah, for me, is a Christ-figure. His call and sufferings remind me of what Jesus went through in what is recorded about him. The inward soul of Jeremiah speaks to me about the sorrowful love that Jesus endured so often during his short life. Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Olives recalls the prayerful cries and complaints of Jeremiah. Like Jeremiah, Jesus’ own leaders and friends allow him to be put to death on the Cross. He is practically alone when he dies except for his mother and the women with the beloved disciple.

Jeremiah spoke and prophesied in the Temple; Jesus did the same and was easily seen often in the Temple when he visited Jerusalem. Priests, leaders, and even his own apostles were involved in his sufferings and death.

Jesus burns with fervor to do God’s will especially in the sacred place of the Temple. He cleanses it from the money changers. His zeal was likened to that of Jeremiah when he saw what was happening in the Temple.

Our Psalm takes up this burning zeal: “Because zeal for Thy house has eaten me up, and the reproaches of them that reproach Thee are fallen upon me.” (Ps. 69:10). They who scoffed at the worship of God poured their scorn upon His servant (Jeremiah, Jesus) who spoke in His name. (cf. Jeremiah 20:8). Both Jeremiah and Jesus are in intimate union
with God and with the saving plan of the Creator.

We see that even his own townsfolk rejected and scorned Jesus and found him altogether too much for them. Yet, both Jesus and Jeremiah were intent on bringing the love of God to them through words and through healings of mind, soul, and body. Can anyone have enough of Jesus or Jeremiah? Are they altogether too much for us?

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