Tech Talk Digest for Last Week


Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

The Droid Dino: Curse You, Obsolescence!

Who doesn’t relate with the challenges of a new phone? Karina Fabian shares her perspective after her husband’s insistence that she get a more current phone (complete with apps!).

Instagram Spirituality

Are you one of the many who are on Instagram? Lisa Schmidt highlights what it is and how to use it, and then she points out the spirituality it fosters within her own life.

Interactive Rosary Android App

Looking for the perfect rosary app? So is Kristin Detloff, and this week she highlights a great free Android app she has been using and enjoying.

Technology and the New Evangelization

Do you find yourself overwhelmed when you hear the call to the “New Evangelization”? Jennifer Gladen shares a way you can be part of it in as little as 140 characters.

Step Away From Papyrus: 3 Sources for Free Fonts

Are you looking for a new look for your text? Are you interested in free fonts? Are you just a fan of Dorian Speed? Her column this week is about free fonts and more free fonts.

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