Small Success Thursday: Quiet Nudges

Small Success Thursday

Small Success Thursday

I turned the machine off.  It was Election Day.  I could have fretted and worried and stressed all day about the turn out.  It would have meant I missed out on my two toddlers’ piano duet.  We wouldn’t have made it to the Social Security office to get my daughter’s paperwork so she can get her learner’s permit.  We wouldn’t have had the opportunity to schedule the arrival of a new dishwasher if I’d obsessed on the election.  My seven year old needed extra hugs today.  She said no one wanted to play with her at recess.  We read a chapter of Harry Potter and she got a bubble bath.  Her smile is the best.  When she’s joyful, no one gives fiercer hugs.

We live in the deep knowledge that whenever we fail to do God’s will, we lose the opportunity for God’s grace. These little moments were steeped grace that could have otherwise been lost.  So I’m very grateful for the impulsive push of the Holy Spirit, “Turn if off Sherry.” And that for once, I wasn’t so stubborn as to ignore it.

We survived Sandy after losing power for 2 ½ days.  I cleaned out three junk drawers. (Yeah)!  My 8 year old son read at the All Saint’s mass.  It was lovely.

So I hope your week was steeped in grace.  I hope you get that little nudge that makes your life oddly both busier and quieter.   Prayers that you have a successful week full of big joys.

Now it’s your turn:

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