Year of Faith: A Living Encounter with Jesus Christ

Year of Faith

Year of Faith

Over 250 people just finished participating with Benedict XVI in the General Synod of bishops on the New Evangelization. The Synod kicks off the Year of Faith which opened in early October and will last most of 2013. How can we share our faith in today’s world?

The Holy Father has also made it the theme of all of his Wednesday audiences. Every Wednesday, he will talk about some aspect of faith.

Here’s a short excerpt from a recent Wednesday:

In our series of catechesis for the Year of Faith, we now consider the nature of faith. More than simply knowledge about God, faith is a living encounter with him. Through faith we come to know and love God, who reveals himself in the life, death and resurrection of Christ, and in so doing reveals the deepest meaning and truth of our human existence. Faith offers us sure hope and direction amid the spiritual confusion of our times. Before all else, faith is a divine gift which enables us to open our hearts and minds to God’s word and, through Baptism, to share in his divine life within the community of the Church. Yet faith is also a profoundly human act, engaging our intelligence and freedom. When we welcome God’s invitation and gift, our lives, and the world around us, are transformed. May this Year of Faith help us to live our faith fully, and to invite others to hear and welcome God’s word, opening their hearts to the eternal life which faith promises. Benedict XVI, 24 October 2012

Tell me what faith means for you!

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