Bishops Who Tweet


Did you know there are more than a couple bishops who tweet?

No, really.

As much as I enjoy Twitter, I didn’t know this. Our very own Lisa Hendey has a list that you can follow, and there are other lists as well, like this one of U.S. bishops, from Diane Korzeniewski.

What’s even more fun is the things the bishops tweet.

It reminds me that, yes, they are men of God. And? They are also men.

Last week, Bishop Coyne tweeted this:

I mean, what’s not to love about a guy who loves NFL apparently as much as the main man in my life?

I’ve been paying attention to these lists in the last few weeks, and wow. In addition to glimpses of these men, I’m impressed with how they keep the conversation going about the Gospel message.

It’s not dull. It’s not boring. It’s…dare I say it?…interesting!

Check it out. See if it doesn’t change your approach to Twitter!

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