Making New with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Making New with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Making New with Thanksgiving Leftovers

When most families think of leftovers, there are usually a few moans and groans.  Being creative with leftover food can be fun.  After Thanksgiving dinner, our family had a bunch of leftovers to eat for the next few days.  In our home, the Thanksgiving meal is not a spread of foods we normally eat.  I am not fond of mashed potatoes, and without trying to influence my son, he is also not a fan.  So I decided to make “pizza” out of them.  I took the mashed potatoes and added a little oat bran, cheddar cheese, and an egg.  I smoothed them out into a crust and baked it until it was golden in color.  Next, I put a thin layer of tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, leftover chopped broccoli and ham, and a little more cheddar cheese on top.  I baked it until the cheese was melted.

My son was so excited to try my soft “pizza.”  He loved it so much and was eager to have the leftovers the next day (not that there was much to put in the refrigerator).  My husband and I chuckled inside at the fact that our son was eating a food that in the past had come back out of his mouth, due to his dislike of it.  Leftovers made into something new can be an enjoyable adventure.

God is asking us for our “leftovers.”  He asks us to give Him who we are right now, so He can make us new.  Being grateful at Thanksgiving, and all year, is a good way to see ourselves through God’s eyes.  He is waiting to help us make something new and delicious out of our “leftovers.”  We may be imperfect and have pieces missing, but God can create miracles just by giving ourselves to Him.

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