The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose


The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose

Editor’s note: Today, we’re happy to share with you the lovely children’s book The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose by T. L. Smith. readers can order Trisha’s book for the special ones in their lives at using discount code N86Q4LL6 for a special price. Enjoy! LMH

About the Book:

“The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose” is a retelling of the ancient story of the Nativity, presented through the viewpoint of Silver Star, a wandering star, and his celestial friend, Mr. B (later known as the Star of Bethlehem). Based on the Hail Mary Prayer and on accounts of the Annunciation and Incarnation approved by the Roman Catholic Church, “The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose” tell a very old, holy story in a new way that will fascinate and delight children. A very moving story, “The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose” derives much of its power from its traditional source, “The Mystical City of God,” by the Venerable Maria de Agreda, approved by Pope Innocent XI. Appealing to all age groups, “The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose” has at its core the holy Rosary prayer of the Hail Mary, and traditions relating to reciting it and passing it on to future generations. “The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose” will help to pass this marvelous tale of a miraculous event and a beautiful prayer to children of all ages. Bright illustrations of Mary, the Angels, Joseph and the Baby shine against a black background studded with silver stars. When Silver Star discovers the true meaning of “Fiat,” the story is fully encircled, like a magnificent wreath of roses created by the reciting of Hail Mary prayers by the devout.”

A Word from the Author:

Why I did I choose to write The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose story? I was sitting at my daughter’s gymnastic class and reading a handbook from the Legion of Mary.  I read from the Legion handbook page 276 “No true Christianity without Mary….She who brought Christianity on earth.”  I sat there thinking, “Wow, there is so much people don’t know about the Blessed Mother.”

I thought about how some Christians don’t fully understand the reverence with which Catholics honor Mary, the Mother of God.  Yet, they don’t realize that it was through Mary that Christianity came to be.  It was also during this week that a friend of mine shared that she was going to teach the Hail Mary prayer to kindergartners.  She said, “I am not sure how to teach them this prayer.”  I said, “Just tell them that a beautiful angel, Gabriel, came and greeted Mary with the words “Hail full of Grace.”

As I shared my ideas of how to tell the story to the children, she said, “How beautiful.”  I said, “Did you know that prayer is from the Bible?”  She looked at me a little surprised and said, “It is?”  Then, I realized that even some Catholics don’t know that this is a Biblical prayer.  So, while sitting at the gymnastic class my cell phone rang and it was my husband.  I said, “Hi honey, I am going to write a children’s book.”  There was silence for a few seconds and then he said, “Okay, well, I was calling to see if you can go by the dry cleaners .”  Then, later that night when he got home, he said, “How many pages do you already have?”  That was when I thought, “Hmm, he usually thinks my ideas are “crazy”, but this one he never put down.  So, I began to write and here we are today with The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose.

I pray that this book will bring all of God’s children together to their spiritual heavenly Mother who loves us all very much.  The 4th Commandment said, “Thou shalt Honor your father and mother.”  Jesus follows all of His Father’s Commandments and if we accept Jesus as our adopted brother then we too should honor His Mother as our adopted Mother.

T. L. Smith

The Great Plan and the Perpetual Rose can be purchased online at discount code N86Q4LL6


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