The Advent Mommy Came Home


Without a doubt in my mind, I know that this Advent will go down as one of the most blessed of my life. In the hearts of my children, too, I believe it will, in time, be noted as one of the most special — as the Advent mommy came home.

After a year of trying to make working outside the home and managing a family of seven come together, I surrendered and returned to the hearth. The joys have been more than what I could have anticipated.

I didn’t realize how thirsty my soul had become, how infrequently I had been taking nice long breaths. I have spent much of my first couple weeks at home catching up on all the things that have gone undone for the past 11 months.

Until now, I had been avoiding my kitchen, knowing I could not deal with all that being in a kitchen and providing warm, healthy meals entails. Instead, my family was having to fend for itself, mostly, or being tossed bags of fast food. How good it feels to be reunited with my Crockpot!

I also took part of a day to start decorating for Christmas. I don’t know how this would have ever gotten done had I not come home.

Each decoration hung…

Each photo of a friend or loved one displayed…

Each symbol of the blessed waiting this season entails…

Each extra step to help my family feel welcomed when they walk through the front door…

Has felt like a breath from heaven.  

Oh, I know I will come down from my high soon enough. Then again, as a friend pointed out the other day, I had 11 months of not breathing, so perhaps I’ll have 11 of breathing deeply. All I know is that God has blessed my steps back to the home front, and I plan to seek His will each day to make good on this gift, this second chance to be a mom who doesn’t just skim the surface but goes in deeply and wholly.

Thank you, thank you Lord Jesus, for the hope, the promise, and love you offer us now, and always. We await your coming into our lives more fully, too, with great anticipation!

Q4U: Do you have a favorite-of-all-time Advent? What made it so?

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Roxane B. Salonen, a wife and mother of five from Fargo, N.D., is an award-winning children’s author and freelance writer who also enjoys Catholic radio hosting and speaking. Roxane co-authored former Planned Parenthood manager Ramona Trevino’s memoir, Redeemed by Grace. Her work is featured on "Peace Garden Passage" at her website,


  1. Beautiful post Roxane. I wanted to stand up and cheer at the end and hollar “WELCOME HOME”. Reading this gave all new meaning to the phrase “Peace be with you.” Becasue of your faithfulness and trust in His prompting, the blessings will be countless I’m sure. It would have been easy to stay becasue of the “fame” and the “prestigue” and the fact that you were doing “church work” but you listened to the Holy Spirit reminding you of your first assignment and you made a tough decision. I’m glad He has let you know and feel His approval so clearly! Happy Advent!!

    • Roxane B. Salonen on

      Thank you Sheri! It’s been a wonderful homecoming. Every day, I thank God for letting me see His way in this and not continuing down the path of futility. God bless you this Advent and into the Christmas season, when I hope you will kick up your feet and let your family bless and serve you! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on being where your heart told you that you belong.

    My family and I are rejoicing for the opposite. I changed back to a job where I went to the office everyday rather than working from home. Luckily I only have 2 kids and have mastered menu planning and have well-trained troops to help. Neither role is easy. Good Luck.

    • Roxane B. Salonen on

      Hi Maggie, certainly, there are all sorts of variables and situations. A year ago, I was celebrating my new job. I think all sorts of outcomes are possible. In my particular case, I don’t regret my 11 months trying to make it work. Many valuable lessons, many wonderful people met, many moments of satisfaction along the way. But I couldn’t quite achieve the balance. Sometimes it is necessary to try though. I do hope you are able to and that all in the family appreciate the work you do both inside and outside of the home. Advent blessings!

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