Journey Toward the Sacraments

Journey Toward the Sacraments

Journey Toward the Sacraments

Press suit. Check. Shine black dress shoes. Check. Purchase white satin tie and arm band. Check. Cut hair, charge camera batteries. Check and check. Stock up on paper goods, plan menu, order cake, boutonniere and balloons. Check, check and check.

Plant, weed and generally beautify yard after a long and dormant winter. Check. (Okay, this one is still ongoing….)

‘Tis the season?   No, not that season…the favored season among many, which generates lists, traditions and rich memories as well… The sacramental season:  When grace and mercy are amply bestowed by our loving Father upon first communicants and confirmandi throughout dioceses across America.

The season of photos  capturing grace filled moments of the conferring of the sacrament, which will undoubtedly decorate shelves in lovely frames for posterity. The season of when family members enjoy the camaraderie of the cooking, the baking, the decorating, the general preparing. And yes, the season when Moms and Dads of these blessed first communicants and confirmandi stress and generally place importance on the unimportant…..or the not-as-important.

As the Mom of a little one on the brink of receiving sacramental graces, I am certainly ‘guilty’ of, shall we say, overaccentuating the, well…… the fluff.  Not that a little organization isn’t helpful when it comes to the shade of blue with which your little First Communicant’s gift is beribboned; the style of cutlery… (clear or white?) with which your guests enjoy the celebratory meal; the agonizingly oh-so-exact placement of your child’s photo on the invitation; the labeling of the coffee urns as ‘decaf’ and ‘caffeinated’ or the….. Wait; did I say ‘organized’? Hmm, what I really mean is …. well, overboard.

How about a revised “to do” list? One that is actually meaningful in the deeper context of the awe inspiring sacraments about to be received by our children and one which may inspire all of us as parents and catechists to a deeper understanding of the sacramental graces?

Lately, in our homeschool, I have chosen to pare down and subscribe to the ‘less is more’ ideology.  Overextending into many resources with hope that marinating the kids in sheer volume…well, that  tends to be counterproductive for them, as well as for me.

Discussion around just a few literary jewels that truly speak to us.

Time carved out for deep, thoughtful conersations.

Writing and projects around a few classic pieces of literature or a few aptly chosen parables from the Bible.

Praying the Rosary… we are all well aware that it is the source through which abundant graces are received.

So, yes, well within my Mom ‘job description’ is directing my family’s minutiae….the essential and the extraneous.  I am blessed to be living this vocation of Motherhood and recognize the immense requisite of micromanagement expertise daily granted me by our Lord.

While the preparation for The Big Day will remain paramount on my to-do list, I will say with conviction that what-does-not-get-done will be forgotten as my husband and I witness perfection in our son’s receiving of the Sacrament on That Day.

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