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Some may recall a few years ago at, we shared an interview with Kyle Prohaska, a Christian filmmaker, who wrote, directed and produced the film, Standing Firm.  Fast forward to today, Kyle is married, has a son, and they are expecting their daughter this Fall.  Kyle has begun work on his next Christian film called Breaking Chains.  Many independent and Christian filmmakers have a small budget.  Kyle cannot produce this film without the help of others.

The Prohaska Family - Kyle, Calvin, & Denise...Evelyn Grace coming Oct 2013

The Prohaska Family – Kyle, Calvin, & Denise…Evelyn Grace coming Oct 2013

According to Kyle’s Kickstarter project, he is producing this film  “to impact as many lives as possible with the best movie me and my cast/crew can muster with the resources we have!” said Kyle.

Kyle needs to reach his fundraising goal by Sunday, July 21st to be able to produce this film that will impact and inspire people.

Learn more about Kyle’s next film, Breaking Chains, and this Kickstarter project where you can help him make his next film that will uplift viewers, at

Prayerfully consider helping to support Kyle with his next film.  We need more films like this that will inspire and uplift people to make our world a better place.

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