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Haltadefinizione, a photo lab specializing in high-definition technologies for archiving, conservation and restoration of rare and priceless art images, shot topographic images of the Shroud of Turin in January of 2008. The two-day photo shoot resulted in a whopping 1649 photographs taken with the HAL9000, each one depicting in amazing detail business card-sized sections of the shroud. The completed image product contains 12 billion points of reference.

That’s a lot of visual information–about 72 Gigabytes, the equivalent of 16 DVDs. The HD images were of an optical resolution never before obtained, allowing intimately close views of the miniscule components which compose the cloth, elements otherwise nearly invisible to the naked eye, measuring only few hundredths of a millimeter in diameter.

The expert photography technicians went to great pains to ensure the safety of this priceless linen artifact and to obtain the clearest, most detailed images of it ever produced.  They assembled a camera on a carriage running on two rails around the reliquary that houses the shroud, a radiation filter lighting system, and particular attention was paid to the calibration of the color spectrum to ensure accurate and authentic reproduction of the real life color and fabric texture of the shroud.

The free version of Shroud 2.0 aims to put “new technologies at the service of faith, mediation, and knowledge” and allows users to scroll up-close a detailed image, in either positive or negative view, of what might possibly be the very burial cloth mentioned in John 20:7.

The user may virtually move over the Shroud following four theme routes marked by pin points: the Passion Narrative, physical makeup of the cloth, examination of the figure, and the scientific story. Informative texts or scripture verses describing the Passion of The Lord are included, an invaluable and intimate prayer aide.

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While I imagine most of the 75,000+ users who have downloaded this app are lovers of our Lord, along with some who are mere curiosity seekers, Shroud 2.0 has potential to become a crucial tool for students and researchers in many fields who want oncall access to in-depth scientific information about the Shroud of Turin.

There are in-app upgrades for purchasing HD magnified images at $3.99 per image. Upgrades include extra content covering such subjects as: Historical Outline, the Cloth, Forensic Analysis, Hematology, Chemistry, Botany, Carbon 14, Mathematics, Computer Research, Conservation, Photography and HD Digital Photography. I can imagine curators, art conservationists, writers, educators, students, archeologists, and scientists being able to employ this fantastic and interactive app in their respective specialized fields.

This is an interesting app for iOS users and a must-have for anyone fascinated with the mystery of the Shroud.

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