A Catholic Couple Takes on Insanity Couple Challenge

Insanity Couple Challenge

Insanity Couple Challenge

My husband and I have decided to take on the 60-Day Insanity Challenge.  Insanity is an exercise and nutrition program created by Shaun T. on Beachbody.com.  I was already an active person, but this program is even whipping me into better shape.  The Elite Nutrition Guide brought a whole new level to my already healthy cooking.  We have a sparse amount of junk food in the house, but following the nutrition guide has reinforced the importance of my family’s health.  This guide has increased our protein intake which has given me more energy along with helping me sleep better.  I never realized how much protein was missing from my diet.  The fact that meat and dairy go on sale less often was a monetary reason for stretching our budget through our food choices.

I thought I didn’t need or enjoy meat, but I have now discovered that I was mistaken.  Layering sandwiches with deli meat and sinking my teeth into its protein goodness is a luxury I have never allowed myself.  By depriving myself of meat, I have been tiring my body out.  We are meant to eat meat and enjoy all types of protein.  Carbohydrates tend to tire me out more quickly, making it hard to have the stamina a young mom needs.  Now I have the endurance to smile more often and keep up with my active son.

The exercises are extreme even for someone, like me, who has participated in multiple exercise programs and sports over the years.  This program makes you sweat like you never have before.  It is a good kind of sweating.  Taking on such a challenge involves physical, mental, and spiritual changes.  On top of everything else, the two participants in the Fit Test were named Chris and Tanya.  My husband and I couldn’t believe the God-incidence that they had the same names as ourselves.

We have just enter the second week of our 60-day journey and are still going strong. There have been noticeable changes in our fitness as we are able to keep up with the exercises at a faster pace while developing our muscles.  Our relationship is stronger for conquering this feat as a couple.  I don’t think either of us would have been able to take on the challenge alone or without God.  God has definitely been helping us get through this program.  We have been stepping up our couple prayer time to strengthen our bond with God as we continue the Insanity Challenge.

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  1. This REALLY reads like an advertorial. Hate it when thinly disguised advertisements subsitute as substance here. Wish Catholic Mom would stop pushing goods and services in between the prayers. Just because a blogger is Catholic doesn’t make it right.

    • Hello,

      I am the author’s husband. First, I would like to indicate that there was NO intent on the part of my wife to act as an advertisement for this program. She is simply expressing her personal experience with the program and does, in fact, focus more on the effect it is having on her personally than the program itself.

      Second, nobody is being coerced into writing this. Tanya is not paid by the company which produces the product, nor is CatholicMom.com. What you are implying is simply not present in any way shape or form. This isn’t an effort to “push goods” but simply Tanya’s experience with a workout program she is excited about and does personally feel like God called us to enter into.

      Third, what your comment implies about my wife, her writing, and CatholicMom.com is making assumptions and is, in some ways being uncharitable. You are free to your opinion but, I wanted to set the record straight on this issue. I will also mention that your comment deeply upset my wife, who again, had no intent of this being an “advertorial” and truly was only sharing her experiences with the particular exercise program.

  2. I think it is great that you and your husband are pursuing this challenge together! Sometimes, something that would be nearly impossible alone is very doable with a support system. My husband and I have been looking for something to do to break some unhealthy habits that have crept into our lives over the past several years (too many sweets, too much soda, etc.) We’ve already started exercising way more than ever, but I will have to look into this program to see if it is doable for us. I also think it is great that you are actively brining the Lord into this aspect of your life and how you have seen positive results in your spiritual lives as well as your physical lives. It seems like you are approaching healthy living in a very holistic (body, mind spirit) way. Keep it going!

  3. I LOVE this! I to have done the Insanity program and you are correct in that it does challenge you both physically but more importantly mentally! I found myself having the desire to do more with my nutrition, fitness, and faith as a result of Insanity. Now know it is simply an exercise program but it makes you push your boundaries and soon you see that NOTHING can stand in your way. I became a more productive, calm, loving mother after having found a program I loved. Well done doing this as a couple…support is key in life!!

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