Why Is My Faith Important to Me?

Why Is My Faith Important to Me?

Why Is My Faith Important to Me?

I cannot separate myself from my faith; it is intertwined with my identity. I cannot remember a time that I did not know God. I can remember being mad at God, questioning God, doubting God’s existence and being befuddled my God but never not knowing God. Without my faith I would cease to be Lori. God created me, loved me into existence and chooses to love me daily. God guides my life, my actions and my calling. God protects and cares for my family and loved ones. God brings me comfort and solace through others when I am in pain. God is my Father, my Mother, My Daddy, my protector, my confidant, my teacher, and my best friend. Without God I would not see with these eyes, write with my heart or hope with passion. I could no sooner live without God than live without my heart or my brain. I am a vessel always available for God to fill me or guide me. God guides me to love selflessly, to give life, to serve, and to live life to the fullest. My faith is not just important to me it is everything to me.

Why is your faith important to you?

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Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp is a mother of four children and is married to the love of her life, Aaron. Lori has been writing at her own website Faith Filled Mom. She writes about the journey of faith we live daily and how we can recognize God in this world. She teaches theology at a high school level and is also a current student of Loyola University Extension Program of Ministry earning a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. Her life is busy, exciting, overwhelming at times but always bursting with her faith in God. Lori hopes that you will find something that might touch your heart in her writing so that she can continue to pursue her purpose in life; to bring people closer to God one word, one moment at a time.

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