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Saint of the Day App for Kids, available on iTunes for $1.99


It’s great when an app has a specific purpose in mind and executes that task well.  From the illustrations to the kid-friendly writing, this app stands out to bring families together to learn about our heavenly family.


This app was written and designed with kids and families in mind.  The brief biographies of each saint are written for little ears.  The artwork is simple and easily printed for coloring with children.

The app also has a “Favorite” feature so you can save Saints that really stand out to you.  You can also use the “Random” button to discover brand new saints; and by using the “Calendar” button, you can find out what saints share special days in your life.


There’s not much to be disappointed by in this app.  It does what it says it does and does it well.

If one wanted to be extremely picky, you could “fault” the app for not following the liturgical calendar 100%.  However, after speaking with the developers, that decision was made because some saints didn’t have enough information and sometimes two saints would share the same day and they wanted to include both – works for me!

Truthfully though, biggest con is the more people don’t know about it!

The description on iTunes:

Download and enjoy sharing the lives of the 365 Saints with your children knowing that it was written with little ears in mind! Increase your own faith and knowledge of the ‘pillars of the church’. Saints can inspire your children, and you to live more enriched lives.

For Kids: • In a language that kids can understand, and appropriate for any age, we have compiled a Saint for everyday of the year. Descriptions can be shared and posted to Facebook. You can print a full page with any airprint enabled printer, or email it to yourself or family.

For Parents: • Best of all it is designed with kids in mind. All of the images can be printed, colored with real crayons or markers and shared! • Email any any contact on your device. Post a reminder to your family and friends of the Saint of the Day, and colour and print so that you can remember today’s Saint of the Day. • Brush up on your own knowledge, and learn about hundreds of amazing faith filled people who: loved theatre (Blessed John Paul II (former Pope), gave up crazy wealth and jewels and was married to a King (St. Matilda), the real story of St. John of God.

Enjoy daily Saints designed for children, tweens, preteens, and teens. Living a Catholic, Christian life and following Jesus is a challenge. This app will help you, or your family every day, every month of the year, helping you and especially your family growing in your prayer and meditation. Many patron saints, and many more are included. Each and every Saint has history, a coloring page and a short prayer or meditation.

Kids love it, parents love it, and everyone learns more about the Saints!

• Worried about kids using your iPad or iPhone or iPod, print some Saints for them to enjoy the good old fashioned way. Worry free!

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      As a spouse of one of the developers, I can say that they are working towards and looking forward to releasing it on Android platform as soon as they are able. Hopefully that will help!



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    Yeah…thanks! I’m loading it on the first grade ipad tonight! Blessings on your day and thanks for sharing this great news.

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