Five Minutes Alone and Small Steps, Day 2: Simplicity


As we reflect on theme of Simplicity today with the Small Steps Tour, we thought we’d take a moment to also highlight some of the humorous ways moms grab five minutes.

Today, meet Abbey, who is, among other things, a runner, a coffee drinker, and a homeschooler.


That might not seem to be a picture of simplicity to you, but I smacked my forehead at the brilliance of it. Small girls + water + dolls + water = WIN!

Now, if you haven’t already join us at Testosterhome for some Small Steps. And don’t forget to enter the “Five Minutes Alone” contest that’s going on as part of our blog tour!


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  1. There have been a few days where I put the kids in the bathtub in the middle of the day, just for something for them to do. They are old enough to be left (mostly) unattended there and I can grab a moment to myself.

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