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This week, we’re grateful to Loyola Press for sponsoring 5 copies of a book that will make you appreciate the saints in a whole new way…

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Saints at Heart: How Fault-Filled, Problem-Prone, Imperfect People Like Us Can Be Holy

By Bert Ghezzi (Loyola Press, 2011)

About the book:

“You’re no saint!” is a familiar phrase, and one that nearly all of us probably believe accurately reflects our own hearts and lives. We assume that sanctity is reserved for an elite group of people who follow spiritual disciplines so difficult and impractical that no ordinary person could ever perform them.

But best-selling author Bert Ghezzi believes every one of us can be holy, and he shows us how in Saints at Heart. By pointing out that all the saints—even the apostles—were sinners, he helps us understand how holiness is not about being perfect, but rather about making a heartfelt decision to fall in love with God and put God first.

Each of the 10 saints featured in this book illustrates a specific spiritual practice that can help us draw closer to God. St. Francis models lifelong conversion; Dorothy Day, prayer and the study of Scripture; and Pope John Paul II, evangelization. Every chapter ends with a section titled “Think, Pray, and Act,” which contains questions for reflection and application.

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  1. Hope I’m doing this right.
    Favorite saint? I’m a St Joseph girl.
    Love your work Sarah,
    God bless you,

  2. Rebecca Morris on

    St. Francis definitely oh, and St.Claire, then there’s St Thomas and St James…mmmmm!!! Any of the above I guess!!

  3. My favorite saint is St. Scholastica and I have a devotion to Our Blessed Virgin Mary. There are other saints that have a special place in my heart – too many to mention! Thanks this give away!

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