The Passion of Mary: An Untold Story of Advent



I was truly honored to be asked to review this unique 14-day devotional, released in time for our Advent preparations.


The Passion of Mary: An Untold Story of Advent, by Andrew Bowen in collaboration with his wife, Heather (with whom I am blessed to be friends through the amazing community of Christian bloggers), is a ‘guide,’ if you will, of divergent perspectives around the historical events taking place from the Annunciation to the Incarnation of Our Lord.

Since, as Mr Bowen relays, we have only the Gospels of Matthew and Luke as sources of information about the exact events transpiring 2,000 years ago and only skeleton information at that, one naturally ponders the specific details.

What conversations, what thoughts, what interactions could our Mothers and Fathers of The Church have had? From Mary and Joseph to Elizabeth, Zechariah, and even the angel Gabriel, the possibilities are examined in this book and beautifully woven through Scripture.

This is an Advent devotional that will become well loved in your family. In fact, today, along with our daily Jesse Tree craft and readings, we enjoyed the introduction and the first two days of The Passion of Mary, despite Mr Bowen’s advice to “take your time” with each devotion.

This new title has, in one day, become a staple of our Advent traditions, for which I am so very grateful. My kids and I cannot wait to continue reading, enjoying, and learning tomorrow!

I highly, highly recommend this resource which will undoubtedly add depth to your Advent journey and to that of your family for years to come.

When I was asked to write this review it may have initially appeared to the Bowens that I was offering a service to them in spreading the word about their new release. Contrarily. the grace bestowed upon me by gifting me with this opportunity has been a true blessing.

I wish it upon all of you as you too prepare your hearts and your homes for the birth of our Savior.

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