Are We Teaching Our Kids to Obsess Over Food?


Real Foodie that I am, I tend to evaluate the worthiness of everything that goes into my mouth or onto my table, which occasionally makes me wonder if I might be instilling a bit of food neurosis into our children.

We all know people (and might be one ourselves) with a love-hate relationship with food, or who’ve yo-yo dieted in the past and fluctuate between deprivation and overindulgence (with the energy deficit and excess weight that accompanies).

But I want my kids to enjoy food without obsessing over it, to have hearty appetites, but be able to just as easily take or leave a plate of cookies–and not blimp out if they do eat the plate (the cookies, not the plate).  I want them to maintain consistent, healthy weight and energy levels, to be “lean, mean, eating machines”….Food Ninjas, as Matt Stone would call them!

Read the rest and find out more about Food Ninjas!

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