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just like dad

As Father’s Day approaches, we moms busily concern ourselves with planning, alongside our kids, a day, a gift, a dinner, cards, many little ways to show our spouses that while we may not express his ever-constant support, he always has it. He’s appreciated. He’s loved. More than we can say.

I grew up with a Dad who was the quintessential protector, larger than life itself and the hero of every little girl’s story. I married a man who strives to do the best for his boys. God knows we’re both so imperfect…so are our lives. But we keep at it day after day and we know we’re not in this alone. We have the grace of those vows, once upon a time and right now, though some days are extremely lackluster and buried under piles of laundry, crumbs, muddy cleats, math problems and broken pencils, and oh yeah, a few angrily sputtered  words. We’re living our happily ever after.

Because we all know that’s not riding off into the sunset, right? It’s living the chaos and crazy and finding grace and God in the ordinary. And really, is there an ordinary in this life?

While I’m ‘it,’ orchestrating the majority of the boys’ academics, the minutiae of their social calendars, extracurricular and the general home keeping, my husband is the power behind it all. His encouragement at home and his dedication at work make it possible.

The quiet willingness of our husbands who carry the burden of our families’ well being in partnership with those of us here at home? Well, God has given me the grace to awaken to the life-affirming realization that I have a very valuable gift. Titles? Awards? Pay increases? No, I don’t receive any of those. Not any more. It’s all much greater than that. And thank the Lord for that. As well as for all the Dads who~~

~~Get that  moments, days, lives, speed past like a blur of trees and telephone wires as if we are always in a car zipping along the highway. One who wants to spend these fleeting, precious days really with them.

~~Would rather send regrets in a family wedding RSVP than hire a babysitter for his too-young-to-be-invited children.

~~Hold the consequences for undesirable behavior even though it makes him the least popular person around.

~~Prefer family movie and sundae night to let’s go out with friends night.

~~Smile from behind the scenes when a baseball is hit, a basketball is sunk, a bow is taken,  math facts are learned, chords are mastered.

~~Witness his child reaching down to help a fallen opposing team member from the muddy soccer field rather than scoring the goal that was easily within his grasp. The points that really count, that really matter, were scored by his child that day.

~~Work tirelessly for their families and often endures a less than ideal work environment, uncomplainingly.

You are a Daddy who would love nothing more than a little quiet before you are “there” for your kids, once you walk in the door after an endless day. But you know life is short and childhood is fleeting and their cries of “Daddy, guess what?” are more important than your needs.

You are a Daddy who is patient when your kids are, well, kids.

You are single Moms who are both Mommy and Daddy to your kids. You do it all.  With grace.

You are a Daddy who is building memories which will shine and weave themselves into the brightest of childhood snapshots for your adult children decades from now.

You are a Daddy who is the model of Fatherhood for the future, seen in your children’s eyes. They want to grow up to be “just like Dad.”

You are your child’s heartstrings.

Copyright 2014, Christine Capolino


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Christine Capolino loves her life as a homeschooling Mom! Chris resides in NY with her husband and their lively, lovable boys, who continuously color their lives. Her essays are included in Bezalel Books’ Stories for a Homeschool Heart and Joseph Karl’s God Moments 2 as well as “Mater et Magistra” magazine. Please stop in and visit her for a bit at her blog, Campfires and Cleats .Chris is thrilled to be a part of the Catholic Mom family!

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