Three R’s to Combat Burnout


Editor’s note: Today, we welcome new contributor Gina Felter. I’ve been lucky enough to call Gina “friend” for the past several years, and having her join our family brings me great joy. I hope you’ll join me in bringing her in to our community by leaving a comment on this, her inaugural column. Welcome Gina! LMH

3RsWhen our vocation becomes the burden that thwarts our faithful efforts to share the light of Christ we must reduce obligations, refocus priorities and replenish our spirit.  Reduce, refocus and replenish with purpose!


Pray for the courage to say “No” when your best is no longer in you to give.  For some of us this truly is a courageous act. Through the grace of prayer, you will come to appreciate your “no” as saying “no” to mediocrity and “yes” to putting your best foot forward.  Allow yourself to take pleasure in a guilt free “no”.  If we truly want to serve the Church, then we must allow ourselves the opportunity to be served by the Lord our God.


When all we have left to give is mediocrity, it is time to refocus! Mass is exactly where we need to be. When we are unable to contribute joyfully to the celebration let’s allow ourselves to internalize the joyous celebration.  Remember we are refocusing our attention to what matters. Savor every word, gesture and iconic image present.  Assimilate God’s graces and wisdom as He speaks to your heart throughout the celebration.


Feeling emotionally and physically drained we must put forth every ounce of strength to attend Mass and not give in to our fatigue. The deliberate and purposeful celebration of the Mass is our greatest source to replenish our weary soul. In the presence of our Lord, Mass provides us with an opportunity to be. Not doing, not coordinating, not directing; just being.

Tech take-away: Shut down and shut out all that distracts you from being as God created you to be.  Enjoy a Sabbath moment.

Can you remember a time when you were just you? Not serving, not coordinating, not directing, but just being? How are you allowing God to serve you?

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Gina Felter, wife, mother of five, adventurer and techie. She enjoys sharing her zeal for technology and has served at both the national and local levels in support of Catholic social media endeavors. Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems she embraces the intentional use of technology while being informed of potential vulnerabilities. Gina nurtures her soul in nature with an active prayer life enjoying outdoor adventures such as cycling, running and hiking. She invites you to learn more about her adventures at and welcomes your comments or inquiries at


  1. Excellent article, Gina! Thank you for writing words I needed to hear. And welcome to the contributor family. (Do you cook? Want to share a recipe for Meatless Fridays?)

  2. Thanks Barb.
    I do cook! 🙂 I will consider your invite. I am a bit of an adventurist when it comes to cooking.

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