Daily Gospel Reflection for August 1, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Matthew 13:54-58

Twenty years ago God decided to call me out of the kitchen and into ministry, and over the course of the next ten years I earned two graduate degrees: a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies and a Doctorate Degree in Liturgical Studies, all while juggling the demands of raising my two young children and working at the parish.

If truth be told, during that transitional time from homemaker to professional minister, many of my friends and family felt bewildered and almost isolated from me. Some questioned my motives; others asked how could I do this? Many just walked away in disbelief that the real “Mary” no longer seemed to be. After all, how could I be called to serve God? Wasn’t I just Joe’s wife? Lauren and Joey’s mom? Alice and Joe’s daughter from Broadview? I remember someone in my family even asking me why I just didn’t become a nun, as if only the religious and ordained could hear God’s call to serve.

My experience is no different than what Jesus encountered in his home town of Nazareth. For these people, Jesus was only Mary and Joseph’s son, the carpenter. How could he have this much knowledge? Where did his divine wisdom come from? It’s been my experience in life that when people don’t understand something or someone, they take aim. They question, they criticize, they tear down, they walk away.

Every single one of us has been called by God to love and serve him, and the ways we can accomplish this are as varied as the flowers in the field. For us to do the work of God, we must prayerful discern where the Lord is calling us, and then listen only to his voice, for “no prophet is with honor except in his or her native place.”


Do you find it easier to share your faith with those closest to you, or those who share your common belief? Think of one way you can evangelize the gospel to someone in your family this day.


Lord God,
Through the waters of baptism you have called each one
of us to share in the mission work of your son, Jesus.
Give us the grace to persevere in our calling
even in the midst of difficulties and challenges.
Help us always to joyfully proclaim the Good News to all we meet.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Copyright 2014 Dr. Mary Amore


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  1. Thank you Mary for having the courage to answer his call! His voice should always be the loudest one…the others are sometimes just distracting racket…your reflection is a great reminder to discern the difference! Blessings on your day.

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