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One of the things I miss most about living as a missionary in a tropical climate is the changing of the seasons. There is something so renewing about that cyclical change. Especially when it is my personal favorite–fall!

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I love the months of cool air, the first fires, falling leaves, porch steps stacked with pumpkins and gourds and potted mums. Oh, and fall clothes!  I am a girl who loves her some fall fashion, especially when it come to piling on the cozy accessories.

A warm scarf, a flash of color on the ears, and bit of bling around my neck–give me a good accessory and this girl’s heart is happy.

If you are like me and can’t resist layering up sweaters and boots with a bit of shiny goodness, why not consider making a few accessory purchases this fall that not only bring a smile to your face but also to the faces of women around the globe?


Many of the businesses that empower women globally produce gorgeous accessories. It makes sense. The product itself is small. It makes production standards and skills training easier to replicate, and it is culturally friendly, since there are traditional skills for this type of art in many cultures. What could put a bounce in your fall step more than the perfect accessory? Knowing that that little piece of art was created by the hands of a woman whose children are being fed and sent to school with you spent!

So here are some great places to shop for a little fall loveliness and accessorize with opportunity this season: 

  • Connected in Hope: hand-made scarves empowering women and families in Ethiopia
  • Noonday Collection: hand-made accessories from around the world empowering artisans globally and ambassadors here in the U.S.
  • 31 Bits: paper bead jewelry empowering women in Uganda
  • Krochet Kids: headwear, apparel and bags empowering women in Uganda and Peru
  • The Giving Keys: jewelry with a message and a fun twist (hint: you’re supposed to give it away eventually) empowering people transitioning out of homelessness
  • 3 Cords: hand-made headbands and bags empowering Haitian women who are amputees or deaf as a result of the 2010 earthquake
  • Trades of Hope: Providing employment to women around the world and the U.S. by marketing hand-made accessories
  • ViBella Jewelry: Employing at-risk women in Haiti, Mexico and the U.S. making jewelry
  • JOYN India: creating jobs in some of the most impoverished parts of India with hand-made bags and fashion
  • Freeset: Offering employment to women trapped in the sex-trade of Kolkata, India by producing hand-made, eco-friendly jute bags and totes

And because I’d hate for you to feel overwhelmed, I’ve created a handy dandy Pinterest board with my favorite pick from each company. Let me know in the comments which ones are your favorites!

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Don’t forget, Christmas comes running up behind fall sooner than you think. Bookmark these pages and make your gift-giving count this year as well!

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