Tech Talk Digest for Last Week


Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Evernote as a Prayer Journal

Lisa Hendey shares how she uses Evernote to prioritize her prayer life.

CHRONICA: A New Way to Take in Your Catholic News

CHRONICA is on the scene, offering “straight and hard news about the Catholic Church.” Check it out!

Facebook Messenger App: To Use or Not to Use?

The Facebook Messenger App has created quite the buzz in the last month or so. ¬†Wondering what all the fuss is about? ¬†Check out Allison Gingras’ latest Tech Talk to get a roundup of the news and decide for yourself: should I or shouldn’t I download the app?

Review of Far Cry 3, Part 2: The Problems

John Konecsni updates his review of Far Cry 3 and shares why, though it’s fun to play, it’s a game to sell back ASAP.

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