A Long Way Off: A Movie Review



A Long Way Off tells the story of the prodigal son and his coming home. Jake cannot stand farm living and wants to move to the city to become an investor. He asks for his inheritance in order to start his money venture.

His father, Mr. Abraham, is sad but he loves his son enough to let him go to make his own mistakes. Mr. Abraham trusts in God that his son will come back when he is ready and the time is right.

When Jake moves to the city, he has more money than he knows what to do with. He buys fancy cars, is surrounded by beautiful women, and still does not seem to know what true happiness is.

Jake finds a great friend, Summer, at a local coffee shop but relies more on the friends who he thinks can make him rich. His friend, Laura, cons him into going into business with her boyfriend, Frank, who is also a mobster. Jake’s wrong decision leads him to have to run for his life from Frank’s gang all the way back to his father’s farm.

When he returns home, his father greets him with a loving hug and showers him with a party to celebrate his home coming. Jake learns that true friends stay by him no matter how much money he has. True happiness is found where love is alive.

The Biblical message in this film is something that is at the heart of us all. God is always calling each of us by name back into His loving arms. The film will be released in stores on November 11, 2014. Are we aware of how easily God forgives because of how much He loves us?

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