Daily Gospel Reflection for October 22, 2014



Today’s Gospel: Luke 12:39-48

Stay the course, be constant, persevere. Do not allow yourself to lose focus. Keep your eye on the prize of Heaven; all else is illusion. Stay close in prayer, immerse yourself in things of the spirit. Watch uplifting programs, read Christian fiction, listen to Christian music, cleanup your conversation, attend Holy Mass as often as you can. Seek the Lord and all His ways. Be at peace and pray, pray, pray.


Are there things that I watch on television or books that I read that don’t conform to my beliefs? Does my conversation reflect my faith? What can I do to keep faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church?


Prayer: Holy Spirit, give me the gifts of perseverance, courage and wisdom, so that I may faithfully live out the path chosen for me. Help me to pray when I don’t feel like it and when I fall, pick me up again so that I may be found ready when Jesus comes for me.

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  1. A few years ago I was very convicted to stop watching Toddler and Tiaras. It was my guilty tv pleasure, but when I really thought about what I was putting my time into – and as a viewer encouraging. I made a promise to God to fast from it.. some days not going to lie when I am flipping through the channels I am tempted but instead I offer it up as a sacrifice. Some might thing that is a silly thing but God knows my heart and I think he accepts it just like I cherish the dead dandelion bouquets my kids offer me!

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