Are You Missing an Opportunity?


file0001919858889Sometimes we miss opportunities. We blow out our candles before we’ve given them a chance to light up our lives.

We miss chances that could change us for the better. We miss them because we don’t realize their importance at the time, or we’re too busy with something, or we’re just plain too lazy to give up any piece of ourselves requiring an effort of will.

And I think this happens because we are distracted by a dubious attraction, and false connection, to people we don’t even know–and who surely don’t care a thing about us.

Yet we allow those people tell us who, or what, we ought to be:

We ought to be thinner.
We ought to dress like them.
We ought to sing, or dance, or go on Survival trips.
We ought to tolerate anything, no matter if it goes against the grain of what we know is right.
We ought to be liberal.
We ought to be conservative.
We ought to silence our own thoughts and take up theirs.
And on and on.

Sometimes an opportunity may be something we’ve never done before. It may be hard, and we may be frightened. But we have to trust in ourselves. We have to try.

Inside us, is a conscience–a still, small voice that we often ignore. Yet it’s there. And it will speak to us if we listen. It will give us courage.

Do we realize how much we lose by not listening to that voice within us?

Do we realize how much we miss by not trusting in ourselves?

Don’t miss the opportunity to become who YOU are, not who THEY are.

Lets try to keep from blowing out the candle of spiritual suggestion before it has a chance to burn. Let’s open our eyes to the uniquely personal opportunities in each day—and not let the day pass without considering at least one of them.

Here is one of my opportunities: On January 9 -11, I will be a speaker at The 2015 Saint Louis Marian Conference, entitled A Hunger in the Heart, after my debut novel!!

If you’re in the St. Louis area hope you’ll consider coming. I’d love to see you! But if you can’t make it, I know you’ll pray for me, and I thank you for that.

Copyright 2014 Kaye Hinckley


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  1. This Advent this has been on my heart. Doing things that God leads me to with courage. This year God, I think, has made me rethink what is important and that he is always there to guide us even through the unexpected.

    • Elizabeth, I can surely identify with your mention of ‘courage’ because courage is what it takes to get through the unexpected. I think this example in Scripture: After feeding the 5000, Jesus sends his disciples ahead of him in a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. Later in the night, a storm comes up and the disciples are afraid. Jesus comes to them, walking on the water. This terrifies the disciples who think they are seeing a ghost. Jesus says, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”
      Peter says, “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” So Jesus invites Peter to come.

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