Daily Gospel Reflection for January 14, 2015



Today’s Gospel: Mark 1:29-39

In today’s Gospel we meet Simon’s mother-in-law who is sick with a life threatening fever. We know she is very sick because it would be unheard of for a hostess not to serve her guests during this time period. Jesus heals her, which is His first physical healing in Mark’s Gospel. How does Jesus heal her? He heals her with His physical touch. By encountering Christ in the most real and profound way, by His touch, she is immediately healed and begins to wait on those gathered in her home. This is the response we should have after those times when we encounter Christ. We should immediately find ways to bring that same healing to others.

After this, Jesus retreats to a deserted place to pray. This shows us Jesus was deliberate about his prayer time. It tells us that He got up “before daylight” to pray. If Jesus had to make the conscious effort to carve out prayer time, how much more should we?

We also see Jesus’ purpose for coming in today’s Gospel. He tells us He has come to preach the Good News. Don’t miss an important clue here though. He says to Simon, “Let us go.” Jesus is including Simon, his disciples, and us in His mission. He says to us even today, “Let us go and get this done.”


Have I used my encounters with Jesus to serve others?

Am I deliberate about my prayer time?

Do I help Jesus with His mission to spread the Good News everywhere?


Lord, thank You for healing me in so many ways. I thank You for the ways You want to help me that I’m not even aware of yet. Help me make You and my time alone with You a priority in my life. This will better equip me to join You on Your mission to preach the Gospel message everywhere. Amen.

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