Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe — Fast Superfood Version!



Want to know how to make perfect oatmeal?  Here’s a superfood oatmeal breakfast recipe that is quick and easy, and you can feel good about feeding it to your family.  This oatmeal is loaded with nutrients and tastes like a light morning custard!

When Mom was sick last summer we spent a lot of time trying to find something that sounded good to her, and one thing she liked once in a while was oatmeal.  I never used to like it much (except for this healthy baked oatmeal recipe, or “apple pie oatmeal”, everybody loves that!), but this stove-top version really grew on me and now I love it.

Click here for the recipe.

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  1. This recipe looks tasty – I will be trying this one soon. Last fall, I stopped buying boxed cereal and started soaking oatmeal, using a more basic recipe. It was actually much easier than I thought it would be, once I got into the rhythm of doing it most nights. I anticipated resistance from my 4 children, but they were pretty good about it and actually started preferring (and requesting) soaked oatmeal. I know I feel better physically with soaked grains.

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