Saint to Santa: A DVD Review


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I ponder every year my son matures how to explain the connection between Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus. We put our shoes out to be filled with treats for St. Nicholas Day, but then we also have Christmas when Santa Claus brings gifts.

Along came this blessed DVD at the perfect time. Saint to Santa explains how St. Nicholas became Santa Claus. The film starts out with a TV crew consisting of kids and puppets. They are the ones calling, “Action!” The main star is the man in red himself, Santa Claus, also known as St. Nicholas.

Santa starts out as St. Nicholas and tells a little bit of his life story. He blends it in with the magical story of Santa Claus by explaining why he now brings toys every year on December 25th, Jesus’s birthday. There are songs, dances, and cheery puppets who comment along the way. It is upbeat and engaging. It is a perfect way to keep saints and magic in Jesus’s special season.

This DVD is produced by Pauline Books and Media. It is geared toward children ages 3-9. My 5-year-old sat still as the story of Santa came alive before his eyes. I am so glad this film came into our home. It will definitely be on our list of yearly Advent movies to watch.

There are also extras on the DVD including outtakes, two sing-along songs, and PDF activities and coloring pages to continue the learning fun. This film is a great tool for CCD classrooms or home-schooled children. Is Saint Nicholas part of your Christmas celebrations?

Copyright 2015  Tanya Weitzel

Art/photography:  Saint to Santa DVD Cover, Used with Permission Copyright 2014, Daughters of St. Paul.


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