Daily Gospel Reflection for January 23, 2015



Today’s Gospel: Mark 3:13-19

Optional Memorial of Saint Vincent, Deacon and Martyr

Optional Memorial of Saint Marianne Cope, Virgin

When God calls us, it means He has something special in store for us and others. It could simply be for us to share Him with somebody in need of Him that day, or it could be that we are called to be kind to that very mean neighbor of ours. Whatever the call, we must listen closely in our hearts.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus has a special plan for twelve of his disciples. He was making them Apostles. They were not being called to a position of power or prestige. No, they were being called to a life of service to Jesus. With the exception of Judas, these Apostles would lead the church after Jesus’ Ascension. Their lives had changed when they responded to His call. Their road may not have been easy, and their faith was tested. However, they were living out Jesus’ mission. Had they not responded to the call, they certainly would have felt they were missing something in their lives.

This is just like us at times. There are many instances in which we may have thought, “Something’s missing.” It could be something simple, such as forgetting to pray. Often that feeling of missing something is just the reminder we need.


How has God called me today? What can I do to respond to His call?


Dear Jesus, as you call us daily to do your will, let us respond with faith and service just as your apostles did so long ago. May you use me to bless others and bring them to your Kingdom. Amen.

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  1. I know what would be missing in my life if I hadn’t been called to follow Jesus – a couple of children! I have 9; I would never have had 9 children if it wasn’t what God asked of me. But boy, would I have been missing out if I didn’t. I cry to think what I would have missed out on if any one of them was not here.
    Nonetheless, it is a call to daily service to raise them. Some days I do better than others. So I pray your prayer and head out to serve, hoping today is one of the good days. Thanks.

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