Daily Gospel Reflection for February 6, 2015



Today’s Gospel: Mark 6:14-29

Memorial of Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs

What a story! For me, the story of the beheading of John the Baptist is a tough one to read. When I sat down to pray with this Gospel I asked God to help me see beyond my anger at Herod’s cowardice and my fury with Herodias and her vengeful spirit. I knew this Gospel was meant to stir more within my heart than those negative emotions.

As I slowly read the passage again and again, my focus switched from the villains to John, the faithful and beloved prophet, martyr, and friend of Jesus. I was inspired by his courage, humility, and conviction. What a demonstration in speaking truth and standing on principles! John’s death was more than a foreshadowing of Jesus’ passion; it was a triumphant lesson in trust! Many of us have faith because we know Jesus is God’s son who died for us and rose to set us free. John loved, trusted, and believed even without the proof of the resurrection.


Are there situations in my life where I should speak out to uphold the truths of my faith? Am I holding any grudges that need to be replaced with forgiveness? Do I need to model John’s humility and trust in a greater fashion?


Dear Lord, inspire me to be truthful and forgiving to others. Bless me with a spirit of humility and courage as I spread your truth and love.

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