Step-by-Step Guide to Using the New (and FREE) Total Consecration App


The Step-by-Step Guide to using the new (and free) Totally Yours! —  A Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary App!

Step One:   Download app from Google Play store or iTunes App Store.

Step Two:  Enter your name (*required for Consecration Prayer)

Given my behavior this week, I think I’ll enter “Sinner” – good to go… next?

Do you want to start a Retreat?

ABSOLUTELY… though my only options are Yes or No.


Screenshot Totally Yours

Step Three:  Set up New Retreat.  I can start from a recommended date, which will end on a Marian feast or start on any day of my choosing.  Let’s go traditional here and end on a Marian feast.

Next up on the Calendar March 25th  The Annunciation – perfect, this means I will begin my (renewal of) Consecration to Jesus through Mary on Feb. 20th.


What’s this?  Light A Candle.   It explains in the App, “A candle offering is an excellent way to pray for very special intentions.”  I can choose to offer my consecration preparation for a special intention, sweet!   Look at that, I can even share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.  Cool Beans.   **FYI: The website has a very informative Frequently Asked Questions section if you would like to find out more before downloading the App.

Step Four:  Light a Candle for “A Person” or  “A Cause” – there are several options provided for me.  Hmmm, tough to decide between my aunt and the elderly.  How about for my awesome Elderly Aunt.  Done.

Oh, a fee of 99 cents for the candle?  Well she’s worth it, and as an App developer myself, I know much more money goes into these than is reaped.  So I feel like I just supported two great causes at once!  *The Totally Yours app is free.

Great, I can pay through Google, augh what is that password again?

Step Five:  Pray now.  The candle will burn for 9 days – a candle novena for my amazing 90 year old godmother. Awesome Sauce.  I will light another when my consecration begins on Feb. 20th.    Okay, next decision should I share it and where?  I think I’ll tweet it, not so everyone knows how wonderful I am praying for my Aunt but that others will be made aware of this wonderful App, and maybe even join me in praying for her!

Now what?

Step Six:  Click on the ‘cog wheel’ at the top right corner of the HOME screen and set up my notifications and reminders.  First the Retreat reminder – 6:05 daily, right after my daughter goes off on her bus. Perfect.  Next, Daily Learning reminders – on, random and I will set them for every 2 hours (the other option is every hour).  If I’m honest, I have to admit being reminded that often may be annoying however, I will give it a try.  and Done!


Now I am ready to begin my (re)Consecration later this month.  In the meantime, I think I will investigate the “Menu” section, there is so much great reading there!

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  1. Hello Allison, Thank you for such a nice write up on the app. This is the highlight of my day!! Someone I know found it and sent it across to me.
    I’m just recovering from being told that I won’t have a job in 2 weeks and am really trusting my 4 kids to Jesus and Mary. “The Lord IS my helper – why shall I fear? What can man do to me?”
    Think I’m gonna light one of those candles for myself!

    PS: Is your name spelt correctly – appears to be a typo?

    much blessings on your numerous ministries – maybe we should partner and do an app one day! 🙂

  2. Allison Gingras on

    Sorry for taking so long to write back the notification that you posted a comment decided to hide in my Spam. First, not sure where you see my name mispelt but it is 100% in all placed referred to above. Second, I am terribly sorry about your job – PLEASE know of my prayers for you and your family!!!! Saying we trust in His Providence, and then actually doing so when faced with trials such as this, at least in my life, are 2 completely different things!! Not that I am a fair weather believer, it is just human for it to be more challenging when the situation is, well, more challenging!!

    I loved the App, and I pray for it to touch many lives. I can’t imagine it has not pleased Our Blessed Mother!! Speaking of which — I was just answering an email about the perfect Rosary App, perhaps that could be your next project … to take the elements from all the good Rosary Apps out there and make the best one!! 🙂

    Glad this found you! and even gladder it made your day!

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