Daily Gospel Reflection for February 9, 2015



Today’s Gospel: Mark 6:53-56

The people knew Jesus everywhere He went. The moment Jesus arrived, the moment He climbed out of the boat onto their shores, they knew they were in the presence of hope. They were desperate to be seen, to be heard, to be close to Him. Their longing to be near Him was so intense that they came from everywhere around to get as close as they could. They brought their children, their parents, their sick, their lame. They didn’t ask Him to lay hands on them or even to talk with them. They only asked to touch a tassel on His cloak, and that was enough to bring them healing and restore them to wholeness.

We go about our lives today surrounded by people who are suffering. The problems they face are not so different from the ones in Jesus’ time—addiction, illness, trauma, homelessness. Whatever their struggles, they are left isolated and alone. Maybe they feel unworthy of the help they need. Maybe they feel untouchable.

We are the Body of Christ among them—his hands and feet. How many of them need just a minimal amount of contact to ease their pain? Many are seeking a brief touch of the barest significance, a touch so small that we would barely notice it. Maybe a smile, a kind word, a visit, a meal, or a note would make all the difference in the world to them. Maybe the smallest touch from us would remind them that they are not alone. In our time, as in Jesus’ time, the power of love means that no one is untouchable.


What can we do to be the healing presence of Christ to those around us?


Lord, please use me as your hands to touch someone who is struggling.

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  1. Sheri Wohlfert on

    …”they were in the presence of hope.” Wow…did that ever reach up and grab me! Although my struggles are not substantial compared to the sick and suffering, I still need the promise of Jesus’ hope…there is always that hope but how quickly I forget the power of that tiny little word. I think I need to go sit in the church and be immersed in the “presence of hope” today. Thanks for your beautiful words today Abbey!

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