Tech Talk Digest for Last Week


Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week.

Marriage Dates in the Digital Age

How do the modern, on-the-go, child chasing, Twitter hash-tagging, and yes, even old-school wall calendar adherent couples work together to set up creative and fun dates that end up on the calendar, get planned, and that they can be committed to? Turns out Chris Weitzel has an answer that involves technology!

A Menu of Lenten Apps

Jen Steed shares how she’s using Lenten apps to punctuate her day and lead her through the 3 pillars of Lent each day.

The Power to Unplug

Sometimes, the search is right in front of us, rather than in the big world of the small screens we keep in our diaper bags.

Where I Spent My Time Online – Lent Prep 2015

In this installment of Where I Spent My Time Online, Allison Gingras shares three websites that not only helped her prepare for Lent 2015, but make excellent faith companions throughout the year.

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