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Basketball is a long season, and it’s been a fun first for my family. I have had a chance to see a side of my husband I’ve only heard about and I’ve watched the inherent and alien athleticism come to life in these offspring of his. (They don’t get it from ME, I assure you! My sport of choice is READING!)

I finished a book this week, in part because I have been making myself read before bed. My little mantra is: close the computer, open the book. It’s relaxing and hey, it’s my sport of choice! 🙂

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Recent Reads

cover-thrill of the chaste

The Thrill of the Chaste (Catholic Edition): Finding Fulfillment While Keeping Your Clothes on, by Dawn Eden (Ave Maria Press, 2015)

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I wasn’t keen on reading this book, but an editor asked me to interview Dawn Eden, and I determined that yeah, I should probably read the book to prepare myself.

I was NOT prepared for (a) excellent writing that (b) applied to me and that was (c) page-turningly compelling. There’s a reason Eden is a Catholic rock star, huh? 🙂 (I’m an idiot, yes. But you knew that already and love me anyway.)

Within the covers of this book there’s wrenching honesty and truth that shines through. Eden bares herself, but she doesn’t ever go all TMI the way some chastity writers are prone to do. She’s mature and I suspect that this edition of the book is a different book altogether than the initial book.

I’ll be writing more about this book after I’ve interviewed Eden and parsed through my own thoughts on this. I filled a page with notes (as opposed to the usual highlight/underline strategy I use) and I’m sure this is a book that I’ll be referencing again and again.

Current Reads

Blessed Children, Special Fathers, by Randy Hain (Advance Copy, Emmaus Road Publishers, Expected Publication June 2015)

I’m a few chapters in and already certain that this is a book that, while aimed at encouraging Catholic dads, is just as much for EVERY Catholic to read. It comes with a tissue warning (but then, EVERYTHING has a tissue warning for me these days!).

Plus the list from last week (which I have nothing to add to, honestly).

Up Next

Saint Odd, by Dean Koontz (fiction, Bantam Books, 2015)

I’m slightly excited that I landed this one as a review copy. I’ve LOVED the Odd Thomas series and I’m looking forward to this. And the fiction that comes AFTER this is good too. 🙂

Behold the Mystery: A Deeper Understanding of the Catholic Mass, by Mark Hart (Word Among Us Press, 2014)

This is part of my Lenten reading plan, and I’m going to start it either this week or next week. (Hey, halfway through Lent IS STILL LENT.)

What have YOU been reading lately?

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